Tuesday February 6, 2018

By PotGuide.com Staff

PotGuide Partners with Baker to Boost Dispensary Client Experience News

To keep up with the demands of consumers in this ever-changing cannabis industry, we know that real-time, online dispensary menus are critical. Consumers want to see what their options are before visiting a store, and rightfully so. Because of this, dispensaries who maintain accurate, up to date menus are seeing an influx in customers and increased sales for their marketing efforts.

To help make the process of maintaining online menus easier than ever before, PotGuide is pleased to announce our partnership with Baker, the leading CRM, eCommerce and customer engagement platform for marijuana dispensaries.

Together, we’ll be able to bring hundreds of real-time menus to consumers while making upkeep and maintenance a breeze for dispensaries.


PotGuide and Baker Partnership is Great News for Dispensaries

Servicing more than 800 dispensaries across 19 states and Canada, Baker is an industry-leader in many categories, including their easy-to-use CRM platform and brand new integrations program and ancillary service integrations. Baker’s API allows us to easily connect to a dispensary’s point of sale system and provide the most accurate and up to date information to consumers.

Even better? PotGuide’s integration with Baker takes the work out of uploading an online menu for dispensary owners and staff, saving both time and energy. Menus are updated regularly in real time, allowing dispensary staff to dedicate their efforts to the sales floor instead of a computer screen.

PotGuide x Baker
PotGuide's integration with Baker makes online menu upkeep easier than ever before.

Co-Founder and CEO of Baker, Joel Milton explained “Dispensaries are faced with using a variety of tools that don’t talk to each other, making it impossible to tell what’s working...for the first time our new API connects all of the best tools a dispensary owner needs to run their business.”

Not only does the PotGuide and Baker integration help boost exposure for dispensaries in the form of online menus but also helps provide key insights for business owners.

PotGuide Founder and CEO Jeremy Bamford stated “Our Baker integration enables our joint clients to gain key insights faster and helps to break down information silos to provide a clearer picture of the business activity…We believe our integration to the Baker platform will provide a significant competitive advantage to our growing customer base.”

It’s a no-brainer to team up with PotGuide now that we’ve partnered with Baker. Here’s how you can get started!

How to Get Your Menu Listed on PotGuide

As you may already know, PotGuide lists every dispensary for free. On top of that, we offer free menu integrations to help boost exposure for interested stores. Every dispensary who works with Baker will soon be integrated onto the PotGuide site, and for those who aren’t working with Baker or PotGuide, getting started is easy!

Baker PotGuide Menu Integration
If you work with Baker, menu integration with PotGuide is a breeze.

All you need to do is reach out to Baker and tell them you’d like to have your real-time menu available on PotGuide. From there, we’ll do all the hard work to make sure everything is uploaded seamlessly. No hassle or time spent away from helping customers!

On the flipside, if you’re a consumer and want to see your favorite dispensary’s menu listed on PotGuide, be sure to let them know about the benefits of teaming up with Baker on your next dispensary visit. We’ll do our best to work with them to get the information you need.

All in all, PotGuide’s integration spells a win-win for both canna-businesses and consumers alike. To learn more about PotGuide’s integration with Baker and more, view the full press release here.

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