Thursday June 20, 2019

By Abby Hutmacher

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Cannabis has long been a communal activity and the stoner circle has been a common means to achieve a group high. And though joints and pipes work well enough in a pinch, when the circle is large enough, a larger-capacity smoking tool makes the journey to enlightenment (or at least a good laugh) much more efficient. Hence, the blunt remains a common go-to for groups or cannabis parties. They’re easy to roll, hold a considerable amount of weed, and can burn for an average of 20 minutes or more if rolled properly.

But, as with everything else in the cannabis community, blunts are evolving, and health-conscious Americans are hopping right on top of it.


A Brief History of the Blunt

A “blunt” is a widely accepted cannabis slang term for a hollowed-out cigar wrapper (made from tobacco leaves typically) stuffed with ground cannabis and smoked like a joint. The term “blunt” originally came from Phillies Blunt brand cigars while other slang terms like “L”, “El P”, or “Dutch” also come from cigar wrap brands (El Producto and Dutch Masters respectively).

Example of cigarillos used for blunt rolling. photo credit

Blunts are a common choice for party-goers because they burn slowly and can be passed easily from person to person. However, because blunts are made with tobacco wrappers, many cannabis consumers – especially those who don’t smoke cigarettes – prefer a healthier, less dizzying option. Hence the growing popularity of palm leaf wraps.

Palm Leaves are a Healthier Option

Many different types of leaves can be used to wrap cannabis – banana leaves, corn husks, cannabis fan leaves (think canna cigars) – but one of the most popular options on the market are palm leaves because they are easy to roll with, they hold their shape without the use of glue, they don’t contain additives or chemicals, they burn slowly, and they don’t impede the flavor of the smoke session. And because they don’t contain dangerous tobacco, they offer a safer way to consume large doses of marijuana – especially in a group setting.


Dispensaries Selling Pre-Rolled Palm Leaf Blunts

Dispensaries are not convenient stores; they do not sell soda or snacks, and they certainly do not sell tobacco products which require an additional license. Because of this, dispensaries cannot sell blunts or blunt wrappers, but they can sell wraps made from hemp products or palm leaves. In fact, many dispensaries now specialize in palm wrap pre-rolls because of their popularity, convenience, and ability to highlight a strain’s natural flavors.

Many dispensaries offer palm blunts for sale.

Of course, for those who prefer a more hands-on approach (or those who want choose their own strain for stuffing), palm leaf wraps can be purchased pre-weed from dispensaries, convenient stores, or even online. The most popular palm leaf brand in the US is King Palm (complete with corn husk filters) while Amico wraps are gaining popularity in Canada.

Whether intended for a group or all for yourself, blunts are a great way to extend your smoke sesh (and get really high, too!), but traditional tobacco leaf blunt wraps can be unhealthy and highly habit-forming. Rather than using traditional tobacco blunt wraps that can cause irritation to the airways, try palm leaves for their natural sweet flavor, slow burn and chemical/additive-free smoke. And because you don’t need to lick them to stick them, they’re more sanitary for your next smoke circle, too.

Have you tried palm wraps before for your blunts? Tell us about your experience below!

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Abby Hutmacher Abby Hutmacher

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