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With a multitude of smoking devices available to the public, one must decide which they prefer. Oftentimes, health comes into question, as many fear smoking will cause negative effects down the road. Thankfully, vaporizers are becoming increasingly more popular – and offer a healthier option for cannabis users.

Why is smoking less healthy than vaporizing?

By smoking marijuana in a joint, pipe, or bong, the casual smoker immediately exposes themselves to wide variety of harmful toxins. In the traditional method of cannabis consumption, when the flame of a lighter touches cannabis, it burns around 500 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, breathing in combusted cannabis can cause damage to the respiratory system.

Regardless of what is burning, smoke inhalation delivers damaging carcinogens and an onslaught of other damaging materials directly through the bronchial tree and into the lungs. The most immediate effect is the irritation of the windpipe, but long-term exposure to any source of hot smoke is unnatural and very hard on the lungs.

Enter the vaporizer

Vaping differs from smoking cannabis because instead of heating the flower to 500+ degrees, the vaporizer heats cannabinoids merely to their boiling point. By not combusting the flower, the unnecessary and carcinogenic smoke can be avoided. The vaporizer dehydrates the flower and releases the cannabinoids without ever catching fire.

This is good news and means that all of the chemicals associated with the combustion of cannabis are essentially eliminated. The carcinogenic chemicals associated with smoking cannabis are not associated with the flower itself, but the actual process of setting them on fire. So anything from burnt cookies in the oven to forest fires can release carcinogens. If you eliminate combusting cannabis, the negative side effects are heavily reduced. From a health perspective, vaporizers take the cake!

The gift that keeps on giving

Health benefits aside, vaporizers continue to make a strong case for themselves. Ashtrays and clogged pipes? Say buh-bye. When you finish vaping your buds, simply dump them out and you’re ready to reload. No more blowing ash in your eyes or banging your bowl on the coffee table. Furthermore, you will no longer get a bad taste in your mouth from the smoke and your teeth will not get stained yellow.

Worried about that skunk smell wafting into your neighbor’s nose? While the scent associated with smoking isn’t completely eliminated, vaping reduces the scent and is a much more discreet option. Vaporizer smoke is less potent and doesn’t carry as far. You, you’re clothes, and furniture won’t smell smoky and the risk of starting a fire is greatly reduced – unless you forget to take your bagel bites out of the oven!

Money talks

Financially, vaporizers make sense, too. Although they may be more expensive than your typical pipe or bong, vaporizers are wildly more efficient than other smoking methods. Once you light cannabis on fire, many of the chemicals in the flower dissipate into the air. The longer a bowl has a cherry, the more cannabis you are wasting. A vaporizer either captures the vapor in a bag or must be activated by a user inhaling or pushing a button. As a result, this eliminates the unnecessary burning of buds.

With all of these benefits, it is obvious that a vaporizer is a fantastic choice. As the good name of cannabis is redeemed throughout the world, more and more people will soon discover that the vaporizer is an extremely smart choice.

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