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Monday November 14, 2016

By Samantha Lyn Chan


The temperatures are dropping, the leaves are falling, and the holidays are inevitably coming. Although it’s that wonderful time of the year filled with decorations, good food and cheer, it’s highly recommended to prepare yourself for a busy schedule of travel, gatherings, family events, and all-around increased socialization.

For many, this time of year can be full of stress and anxiety, with few opportunities to relax with a joint or bowl of your favorite bud. While we can't make the stresses of the in-laws disappear, we can certainly help you discreetly get high -- even while on vacation. Below, we break down five different holiday scenarios that you might find yourself in the upcoming weeks.

Scenario: Thanksgiving Dinner

Solution: Eating with a pot-induced high is arguably one of the best, most satisfying feelings in the world. So imagine how much more grand the feeling is when it comes to binging while high during a huge Thanksgiving feast!

Enjoy this awesome celebration with family members by partaking in edibles. We like to think of this as an appetizer to the main meal. Edibles are a preferred way of consuming because it’s extremely discreet and there is no smoke and smell to deal with. Just be sure to plan ahead since edibles are metabolized rather inhaled, meaning the high will hit you later than one would expect. Give yourself at least an hour for the high to take effect to ensure you’re not too baked and miss out on turkey dinner!

Scenario: Visiting the In-Laws

Solution: During holiday vacations, there’s bound to be a scheduled visit to the in-laws. Ease the stress by discreetly getting high with tinctures. These palm-sized products conveniently fit in your pocket or purse and can be dispensed as needed with a dropper. Since the tincture oil absorbs under your tongue, there’s no need for a long reaction time which makes it perfect for dosing up as needed.

Or if you prefer smoking, try using a one-hitter. It’s a quick and easy way to help take the edge off a hectic night at home. Take a moment to toke up in your parked car in the driveway before entering your in-law’s home. Keep the windows cracked to prevent your clothes from smelling!

Scenario: Winter Vacation

Solution: Smoking marijuana is still illegal in public environments, but if you find yourself planning a decadent winter vacation, try to book a 420-friendly private residence. Many homeowners are opening their doors (literally) to recreational pot users since they understand that this is a growing market. Even those who don’t allow smoking inside the home will often allow smoking on the patio.

Imagine it now -- leisurely lighting up on the back patio while grilling dinner (warming up to that high-hunger we know, love, and mentioned above) or in the hot tub chatting and laughing with friends as you pass to the left.

Scenario: Romantic Getaway

Solution: Treat your favorite person to a vacation this holiday filled with romance, relaxation, and some quality cannabis love. Try out marijuana-infused topical products for sexy massages and as an effective way to ease tired muscles and joints. While topical cannabis products like oils, lotions, and creams won’t provide the typical “high” effect, it does soak through the skin for a numbing and relaxing sensation -- plus it’s discreet to travel with.

If you are ultimately looking for a high effect to enjoy together, however, we recommend packing a vaporizer with you. This product decreases the smell, allowing you to discreetly vape in your hotel room or bed and breakfast with no one the wiser.

Scenario: Holiday Staycation

Solution: No big plans this holiday season? No problem! Host your own fancy holiday get-together or dinner party and invite guests over for festively fun high-times. Try baking your own edibles with pot-infused cooking oils and butter. Offer up hors d'oeuvres to cookies to main entrees to guests for a smorgasbord of holiday eats that will help loosen them up. With so many different pot cooking ingredients and recipes available, there’s nothing you can’t cook up for a high time this holiday season.

Note that although consuming in your own home doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be discreet, it definitely applies if children are present. If you’re offering canna-treats to your friends or family, please consume in private and be sure to place all infused items in a secure area where little hands can’t easily get to.

The holidays are right around the corner, but rest-assured that there are many ways to discreetly consume cannabis in this upcoming season. Vacations, parties, and cannabis are all on the table as viable options to relax and enjoy yourself during these busy upcoming months. So no matter where you go, who you see, or what you do, understand that you can discreetly enjoy cannabis at your leisure to fully embrace the holiday cheer.

Photo Credit: Satya Murthy


Samantha Lyn Chan Samantha Lyn Chan Samantha is a Colorado native, freelance writer, travel enthusiast -- and one of PotGuide's newest contributors. She's often fascinated by the changing shifts in cannabis culture and satisfies the desire for continued trendspotting by exploring, writing, and diving in head first in the cannabis community. You can find her typing away at a local coffee shop, jetting off to the airport, or updating her blog and website: and, respectively.
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