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Monday May 13, 2019

By Abby Hutmacher


There’s a lot that goes into growing your own cannabis and choosing the right pot for your cannabis plants is not the least of it. That’s because planters do more than just hold grow medium. The right grow pots help your plants grow into bountiful beauties by ensuring your cannabis plants receive plenty of water and oxygen without drying out. Because of this, choosing the right pots and planters for your cannabis garden is extremely important. Don’t worry though, in this guide we’ll show you exactly what to look for when buying pots for cannabis grows.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Cannabis Grow Pots

Before we look at the best pots for growing marijuana, let’s discuss what you should actually be looking for. First and foremost, consider the size of pot you’ll need. Remember that plants should only be transplanted once at most to reduce the risk of traumatizing your girls into turning hermaphroditic. Though seedlings (and often clones) can be started in something small like a Solo cup, once their leaves reach past the edge of the cup they’ll need to be transplanted into a larger container.

If possible, cannabis plants should only be transplanted once during their lives. photo credit

You should generally use about two gallons of soil for every 12 inches of plant height you expect to gain before harvest, though this can vary based on the specific pots you choose to use. Avoid pots that are too large because they get heavy and difficult to maneuver and may also take longer to dry out, a process that is necessary for strong plant growth as it forces roots to expand in search of water. Next, ensure your pots have enough drainage. Cannabis plants need water but not stagnant water as that can cause root rot or nutrient build-up. Though many store-bought planters come equipped with drainage holes at the base of the pot, some do not. If drainage holes cannot easily be added to the pot, consider other options. Your plant’s roots also need oxygen, so aeration is important; proper drainage helps accomplish this.

Finally, decide if your plants will need to be portable. Though plants should be moved as little as possible, sometimes it is necessary to move or rotate plants to maintain proper light exposure and a clean grow room. Though extremely large planters can be placed on wheels to move them, we recommend using five-gallon buckets as the largest planter for portability.

Types of Pots for Cannabis Plants

When it comes to choosing the right grow pot for cannabis plants, there are many different options to choose from. Standard planters with trays are perhaps the most readily available and can be purchased at just about any garden supply or department store. Some of these planters do not come with drainage holes, though (which is good for growing bamboo but not cannabis), so ensure they can be added easily prior to purchase.

You can also make your own planters using food-grade five-gallon buckets from your local hardware store. These are great because they can be purchased for just a few dollars, can be used in hydroponic setups as-is or used in soil grows by drilling a few holes in the bottom. Though they can get heavy, especially after a fresh watering, they can usually be moved when necessary, too, while still holding plants up to two or three feet in height.

Air Pot
Example of an air pot configuration. photo credit

Fabric pots (a.k.a. “smart pots”) are another great option for cannabis grows because their fabric makeup improves drainage and aeration. However, because they tend to dry out quickly, they need to be watered more frequently which can be difficult for those with a busy schedule. They also require larger drainage pans because they drain from all sides and can be difficult to move when heavily saturated.

And then there are air pots. These are similar to smart pots in that they drain from all sides but they are made of a more durable plastic so they last longer and can be transported more easily. They are also taller than smart pots too, and even though they require a catch-tray for drainage, standard trays from a garden supply store should be sufficient. Air plants also encourage rapid plant growth thanks to their large drainage holes along the sides of the pot. This allows roots to expand and grow outside of the planter which prevents root bound plants and “air prunes” roots so the main root system can grow more fully and fill up the container more efficiently.

There are many options when it comes to choosing the best pots for growing cannabis. Whether you’re seeking budget planters or more advanced options, as long as your girls get the water and nutrients they need (and none of the stuff they don’t), you should have luck with whichever planter you choose.

Do you have any recommendations for choosing the best grow pots for cannabis gardens? Share them with us in the comments below.

Photo Credit: pxhere (license)


Abby Hutmacher Abby Hutmacher

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