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Wednesday December 12, 2018

By Michael Walters

420 Culture

Progressive cannabis reform is spreading across the globe, bringing with it a more normalized attitude toward marijuana culture. It’s true, cannabis is becoming increasingly integrated into society, as evidenced by the popularity of cannabis-themed gifts over the last few years. Giving the gift of cannabis is now a socially acceptable trend, but since it’s a rather new phenomenon it can be challenging to find the perfect gift for the cannabis enthusiast in your life. Don’t worry though, PotGuide is here to help! Let’s take a closer look at some of the best cannabis-inspired gifts this holiday season.

Cannabis-Themed Gift Guides

To help you find the perfect gift, we’ve custom-curated 5 holiday gift guides chalk-full of the latest and greatest products! Whether your special someone is a cannabis newbie, a seasoned connoisseur or on the cutting edge of technology, we have a gift that will make them smile! Check out all of our guides below and purchase the perfect gift before it's too late!

Tech and Gadget Cannabis Gift Guide

In the ever-evolving cannabis industry, new products and innovative ideas are constantly popping up. So much so that it can be hard to keep up with the times. Want to stay current? Our Tech and Gadget Gift Guide has got you covered. We made sure to include the some of the industry’s hottest products this year, including gift ideas from Arizer, Boveda, Hemper, Tōchi Torch and more!

Click here to browse the full Tech and Gadget Gift Guide.

Cannabis Gift Guide for Beginners

Do you know a friend or loved one who’s just starting out on their cannabis career? We’ve all been there before, and sometimes it can help to have some convenient products along the way. Our Beginner’s Gift Guide features plenty of essential cannabis products that new consumers will find useful in their marijuana adventures.

For people who may not have learned to roll yet, the 7pipe Twisty Glass Blunt might be right up their alley. Or, for anyone you know who still breaks their buds down by hand, a new Santa Cruz Shredder might bring a little holiday joy. We believe every new cannabis consumer should consider having products like these products on hand and there are plenty more to choose from in the complete guide. Help your favorite stoner get their collection started through gifting this holiday season!

Check out all the products in our Beginner’s Gift Guide by clicking here.

Luxury Lifestyle Cannabis Gift Guide

Luxury cannabis products are becoming more and more popular as an increasing variety of consumers enter the market. People are yearning for upscale products that cater to a connoisseur lifestyle in both functionality and effectiveness. There are many brands creating products to appeal to the luxury component, but perhaps none more renowned than the hand-selected batch of gift ideas we’ve included in our Luxury Lifestyle Gift Guide. Choose from products like Flowsent Gift Boxes, CBD from Extract Labs or PurePressure’s new at home rosin press line to dazzle your special someone this holiday season.

Even more luxurious ideas await exploration in the complete Luxury Lifestyle Gift Guide. Click here to browse the whole guide.

Cannabis Gift Guide for People in Legal States

In places where cannabis is legal, marijuana-inspired gifts are even more exciting to give as it’s perfectly legal to surprise your favorite person with actual regulated products. Do you know someone who is a fan of edibles? Then some Robhots gummies may be the perfect option! If that special someone is more of a concentrates aficionado, consider picking them up a couple grams of Green Dot Labs live resin. There are plenty more enticing options to choose from, too! Just be sure to take note of where each product is available, as not every product is for sale in every legal market!

Click here to check out the complete Legal States Gift Guide.

On-the-Go Cannabis Gift Guide

Do you have a friend or loved one who’s constantly on the move? Well you’re in luck because there are tons of products nowadays that cater to an on-the-go lifestyle. Our On-the-Go Gift Guide is jam-packed with products that make traveling with cannabis hassle-free! From Terp Chillers to Pelican Cases there’s a useful product in there for every type of consumer.

Want to see the complete On-the-Go Gift Guide? Click here to browse all the gifts!

Do you have any cannabis gift ideas you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Kari Shea (license)


Michael Walters Michael Walters

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a degree in Writing and Rhetoric, Michael started his journey in the cannabis industry managing content, communications, and technical writing for one of Colorado's largest dispensary chains. In 2016, Michael pivoted to the ancillary sector to become PotGuide's Content Manager and was responsible for overseeing all of PotGuide’s editorial endeavors and content marketing strategies. Now, Michael is PotGuide's Director of Content & Marketing, focusing his efforts toward new educational content and exciting media endeavors.

With a life-long passion for cannabis knowledge and education, Michael devoted himself to becoming a subject matter expert on marijuana at an early age. Now, Michael has worked in the marijuana industry for over four years helping break down negative stigma and promoting safe cannabis practices. An avid consumer himself, Michael has worked tirelessly to improve content marketing strategies for cannabis businesses and is devoted to creating meaningful content that is useful to a wide variety of marijuana consumers. Follow Michael on LinkedIn and Instagram for updates and insights.

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