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Tuesday April 17, 2018

Updated on 3/7/2022

By Andrew Ward

Cannabis grinder with ground marijuana flower inside 420 Culture

Not going to make it to any of the excellent and legal 4/20 events in America? Stuck in an illegal state? Have no fear, we’ve got you covered! There’s still plenty of things you can do to celebrate cannabis on its biggest day. Here’s how you can make the most out of 4/20 this year and help make cannabis in your area more accessible in the future.

Start Planning for Next Year

If you can’t make it to a cannabis event this year for 4/20, there’s always next year! Getting a head start on planning for next year’s celebrations is not only a fun way to get excited for the future but it will also give you a more robust experience when the day finally arrives.

Luckily, PotGuide has tons of resources to help you plan a 4/20 trip to a legal state. From marijuana friendly lodging to activities, tours and events, you can rest easy knowing everything you’re looking for is a simple click away. We also created the awesome video above to help get you going in the right direction!

Ways to Have Fun on 4/20 in an Illegal State

The good news/bad news of being in an illegal cannabis state is that we are all pretty well prepared for this. Thanks to some backward legislation that started in 1911 – looking at you Massachusetts – generations of us know how to celebrate 4/20 under illegal circumstances.

As we all know, cannabis works well with just about any form of entertainment. Many comedic heavy hitters like Doug Benson and Ron Funches are keeping it in-state in California, but some like Joe Rogan are venturing out. Even if they aren’t a marijuana comedian, most stand up, sketch and improv comedy does the trick. Just avoid the unfunny, “experimental” acts – so pretty much any open mic night.

CannaBus Film Festival
The CannaBus Culture Film Festival is a great event to check out if you're in the New England area. David Walters

Speaking of comedians, Rob Cantrell, iconic comedic actress Cloris Leachman and other entertainers from film, comedy and music will be in Burlington, Vermont for the third installment of the CannaBus Culture Film Festival. While Vermont is a legalized marijuana state now, it’s still fresh enough to make the cut. Also, who wants to turn down an all-day cannabis comedy, music and film festival featuring performances by Jim Norton, Zack Pearlman, Harold Perrineau and other stellar acts? If you can’t make it to Vermont, check around your area for events like these. Some might be low key, so tap into your network.

Heading to a concert on 4/20 is always a stellar option as well. Like comedy, even if the music isn't cannabis related, you can still have a good time if it's your kind of music.

Don’t forget colleges either. You don’t have to venture to Colorado to see quads filled with smoke. Institutions across this country are just as known for partaking in marijuana as they are at producing educated adults for the job market. Universities like Wisconsin-Madison, Rhode Island, Maine and Ithaca College are just a few schools known to celebrate 4/20 year round and still hit the books. Swing on by the quad if you’re a student or a welcomed guest.

Scenic Smoke Spot
Enjoying some cannabis in nature is always a great choice on 4/20.

Finally, don’t overlook your local outlets for recreation as they are a perfect way to take in the local good times. From hiking to going to an interactive science museum, think of all the fun things you’d like to do high and make 4/20 the day you do a few of them. As the great philosophers Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle have always professed, “Treat. Yo. Self.” Make today your best day of the year.

Do Your Part for Cannabis Reform on 4/20

In addition to having a good time, you might try using some of your 4/20 enthusiasm to advance the cannabis cause. Granted, these ideas work for legalized states as well, but they’re getting included because we all can do our part on 4/20.

Share Your Opinion with the FDA

Did you know that you have until April 23, 2018 to tell the FDA how you feel about cannabis laws in America?

Let’s repeat that. The federal government wants your opinion on cannabis laws – don’t miss this opportunity!

Whether on 4/20, or just before the end of 4/23, make sure your voice is heard. You could help shift the federal stance on cannabis. It could be the second big win for marijuana under President Trump after he recently promised not to infringe on state cannabis laws.

On that note, you could also take a few minutes to phone up your local and state representatives. Often, their phone lines are tied up so if you get the chance, drop them a friendly message voicing your support for cannabis laws. Try to cite some recent marijuana news and facts to drive your message home.

Show Your Support Globally

Across the world, cannabis efforts could use your support. In Canada, planning and laws stalled its market from beginning sales on the proposed date, July 1st (Canada Day). Canadians and advocacy groups continue to push for proper legislation. For more information, learn from the Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana and other reputable organizations across Canada.

In England, the case of six-year-old Alfie Dingley and his need for cannabis oil has reached the levels of other medical marijuana refugees like Alexis Bortell and Jagger Cotte. Be sure to mention the plight of these children and their families when calling your representatives.

Organize and Sign Cannabis Petitions

Petitions are another excellent way to lend your voice to cannabis on 4/20. In Nebraska, Oklahoma and other states, petitions are moving through government at varying levels of progress and success. Whether the cause seems like a guaranteed win or a near uncertainty, keep pushing the initiative until it's over the line. Sign petitions, lend your voice, even have a conversation about the benefits of cannabis with a stubborn friend or relative.

This 4/20, strike a balance, help the cause and have a good time no matter where you are in America. Whatever you end up doing to celebrate 4/20, remember to always consume responsibly and have an excellent time!

Do you live in a non-legal state? How do you celebrate 4/20? Comment below!


Andrew Ward Andrew Ward

Andrew Ward is a Brooklyn-based cannabis writer and creative. His work has appeared on Benzinga, High Times, PROHBTD and several other publications and brand blogs. He has covered the cannabis space for over three years, and has written professionally since 2011. His first book, "Cannabis Jobs," was released in October 2019. Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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