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Tuesday April 26, 2022

By Shirley Ju

Women with black hair wearing a Flowershop* hoodie that is velvet with embossed clouds on the side. 420 Culture

While there are hundreds and thousands of cannabis companies breaking their way into the legal market, it’s important to have a brand with a mission, something unique that has the power to uplift the cannabis community in a positive light. Let me introduce you to Flowershop* – here to change the stigma of cannabis as a whole.

Flowershop* Blooms Into Motion

Man standing beside a silver automobile with a large swooping upwards lit up roof at a gas station.
Flowershop* launched their new extension of the brand; lifestyle clothing. photo credit

Created by global recording artist G-Eazy, Isaac Muwaswes, and Gabe Garci, Flowershop* is the new conceptual wellness and cannabis brand whose main mission reaches far beyond just getting high.

Inspired by the notion that flowers are the universal language of love, while naturally ensuing feelings of elation, passion, and joy upon seeing or smelling, Flowershop* prides themselves in all aspects of self-care, self-love, and love for the planet.

Image of a bright orange outfit, composed of sweatpants, t-shirt, and sweatshirt from the mid-torso to knee caps.
The Flowershop* named their collection F3 "Dreams Clouds" which was created in collaboration with Fred Segal. photo credit

On Friday, March 4th, PotGuide had the pleasure of attending Flowershop’s official launch of their F3 “Dreams Clouds” Collection, debuting their special collaboration with boutique fashion brand Fred Segal in their beautiful store on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Not only does this serve as their first clothing line, but each piece is hand cut, sewn, and dyed with love in California by the creators themselves.

Upon walking in, it was immediately apparent the vibes for the evening. Flowershop*’s vibrant and bright rainbow color scheme brought nothing but good energy into the store as guests gathered around the DJ booth and Flowershop* pop-up truck. The rack of clothing included high-quality tote bags, hoodies, shirts, and sweatpants that were retailing anywhere from $125 to $395.

Women sitting down, leaning forward with her hands crossed and dark hair, wearing a mint colored outfit from Flowershop*.
The collection includes a variety of clothing items designed around comfort. photo credit

Tunes for the evening were brought to us by fashion designer Shane Gonzales and rapper Theophilus London. G-Eazy’s artist Kossisko also took the microphone and performed some cuts off his newly released project WORLD OF TROUBLE.

We spoke with founders Isaac and Gabe about what it meant to partner with Fred Segal, and how they plan on changing the stigma of cannabis as a whole.

Gabe Garcia

Man with a clean cut fade with his black hair as well as neck tattoos wearing a soft blue sweater with the word dreamers on the back.
Country music artists are opening up to their love of weed. photo credit

[Shirley Ju]: How does it feel to be launching your first clothing line with Fred Segal?

[Gabe Garcia]: It’s what it’s supposed to be. It’s exciting. It’s what we worked for. We earned this. We’re proud to be here, excited to bring people out and enjoy this with us. We’re celebrating color, we’re celebrating all the things from trees to the cannabis to the accessories to the clothing. That’s all we’re trying to do.

Man looking down at the pink and red flower bouquet he is holding while wearing a matching pink sweatshirt with hood.
The designers of Flowershop*'s mission was to speak to the sensory aspects of life and celebrate them. photo credit

[SJ]: Talk about wanting to change the stigma of cannabis.

[GG]: It’s about a feeling for us. It’s about a mood. It’s about uplifting. I’m a designer so from the moment you see something, how does it make you feel? When you touch it, how does it make you feel? Smell, taste, all the sensory aspects of life — for us, we want to celebrate that. Elevate that. Put information and knowledge out there to learn that brighter colors make people happy, darker colors make people chill. We took all that and created Flowershop*.

A woman stand while resting her arm on the shoulder of a man who is sitting down, with an orange hat on and hoodie to match the women's all orange outfit.
Flowershop* focused on the colors and how they make people feel. photo credit

[SJ]: What can we look out for next?

[GG]: For us, it’s about keeping this machine going. This is the fourth category of Flowershop*. We launched our cannabis, we did our botanical air care which is our version of aromatherapy. After that, we did our home goods which is all the accessories, the rolling trays. Now, this is our fourth category, which is the clothing collection. For us, this is a full lifestyle brand.

Isaac Muwaswes

Man where a purple Flowershop* hoodie that has 2 clouds embossed on the hood that is pulled up above, around his head.
Each Flowershop* clothing piece is hand cut, sewn, and dyed with love. photo credit

[Shirely Ju]: What does it mean to be here launching your first clothing collection?

[Isaac Muwaswes]: It’s a beautiful evening, a beautiful night filled with loved ones, friends, family, supporters of the brand. This is a new chapter for us as a brand, stepping into the clothing space. We’re thrilled to do it with a partner like Fred Segal. He’s been an inspiration to us for years and years and we’re excited to grow with him.

Cropped image that is highlighting the Flowershop* logo which is a stacked, embossed
Flowershop* hopes to break the stigma around cannabis by mixing conceptual wellness and sensory care into their brand. photo credit

[SJ]: How do you plan to change the stigma of the cannabis community with this launch, and your brand overall?

[IM]: Our goal is always focused on this idea of conceptual wellness and sensory care. As long as we’re focusing on helping people inspire their moods and helping people feel better, then I think the stigma goes away naturally.

Black man with light brown dreadlocks sitting on top a van with the side door open and a small girl standing there. The man is wearing a Flowershop* orange sweater and orange sweatpants along with orange crocks.
Flowershop* embraces all aspects of self-care, self-love and love for the planet. photo credit

For us, it’s not a focus on how do we get rid of the stigma, it’s how do we make people feel better? How do we inspire their mood? And do it in other ways, not just cannabis. Through clothing, through incense, through botanical aircare, through content, through experiences, whatever it might be.

What do you think about the fusion of cannabis and fashion? Share your stylish thoughts in the comments!

Photo Credit: Flowershop*


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