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Friday August 6, 2021

By Paul Barach

420 Culture

In the first wave of 21st-century legalization, cannabis product makers’ “moon shot” seemed to be making the most potent edible possible that was still somehow only 10mg. Given that many customer’s first question when they’re in a dispensary is “What’s the strongest [product] you have?” it certainly paid off.

However, the second wave of legalization has mellowed out a bit, and microdosing THC is becoming the new focus. Many first-time customers as well as more experienced consumers are starting to prefer the warming glow of low-THC products to the bonfires that came before. Microdosing with 2-3mg instead of the standard 10mg allows consumers to dial in their preferred experience. You get all the benefits of hanging out with your friend THC without it taking over your day. With a clearer head, this opens up a wider range of activities that you can do while on edibles and for many a more chill, enjoyable experience. 

The Best Microdose Edibles on the Cannabis Market

With that in mind, PotGuide is here with the best microdose edibles on the market today. Among these options are a range of offerings from 1-5mg ideal for finding your ideal dosage.

Peak Extracts

An all-female-owned company based out of Portland Oregon, Peak Extracts produces their locally sourced, single-strain concentrates in-house for use in their tinctures, salves, extracts, and chocolates. Besides being single strain, which provides all the benefits of individual cultivar’s cannabinoids and terpenes, their chocolates are easily divisible for microdosing.

Each square of chocolate contains 5mg of THC and breaks easily into four squares of 1.25mg increments. This makes it easy to add or subtract doses until you hit that sweet spot. Their bars are available in both “Bright” and “Heavy” Indicas and Sativas, as well as a Wild Card/Hybrid. They also offer low-dose tinctures, with less than 0.5mg of THC per drop.

Available in: Oregon

DO Drops

Sometimes you’re looking to do more with less, which is where DO Drops come in. The “approachable edible” is a staple in the low-dose market. Each DO Drop contains 2.5mg of THC and alpha-pinene terpenes give the gummy a subtle sativa boost, perfect for on-the-go consumers. Do Drops come in packages of 20 or 40, giving you plenty of opportunities to find the best dose for you. DO Drops gummies come in Watermelon, Sour Orange, Green Apple, Peach, Lemon, and Sour Blue Raspberry flavors. Their chocolate drops come in Sea Salt, Mint, and Espresso. 

Available in: Massachusetts, Maryland and Michigan.

Mindy’s Edibles Gummies

To create their line of microdose edibles, Cresco Labs hired James Beard award-winning chef Mindy Segal. This chef-controlled brand has paid attention to all aspects of their microdose gummies, from the purity of the distillate to the complex balance of the flavors. Each vegan, 100% non-GMO gummy contains 2mg of THC.

Mindy’s Edibles Gummies come in Glazed Clementine Orange (50 per tin), Cool Kiwi Lime (50 per tin), Freshly Picked Berries (40 per tin), and Botanical White Grapefruit (20 per tin). Honey Sweet Melon is their 1:1 THC: CBD option (20 per tin)

Available in: California, Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts, and more. Check the website to see if they’re available in your location.

Incredibles Fruit Trio 

No list of great cannabis confectioneries would be complete without including IncrEdibles. Known mostly for their delicious medical and recreational chocolate bars, IncrEdibles has branched out into the low-dose edible game with their Fruit Trio. Each Lemon, Green Apple, and Grape-flavored tart contains just 2mg of THC. This lip-puckering candy is perfect for popping into your mouth on a sunny day when you have things to do but still want to be vibing while you do them.

Available in: Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, Ohio

Kikoko Little Helpers Botanical Mints

Kikoko’s line of Little Helpers Botanical Mints offer a variety of options for anyone looking to microdose with purpose. Each sugar-free mint is made with organically sun-grown cannabis, herbs, and vitamins and wrapped in sustainable packaging. The mints range from Sleep, Calm, Focus, Buzz, and Boost, each containing a different combination of low-dose THC, cannabinoids, terpenes, and vitamins.

On the high end, the Buzz mint contains 5mg of THC, while on the low end the Focus mints contain only 1mg of THC (as well as 3mg CBD and Vitamins B6 and B12). Whatever your microdosing needs, these mints should have you covered. 

Available in: California

Goodship Pastilles

All aboard the Goodship. With a combined total of 13 years of baking, confectionery, and chocolatiering experience, Goodship has made a microdose pastille so tasty it’s hard to stop at just one. With a generous serving of forty pastilles per tin, each with 2.5mg of THC, they are great for finding your ideal dose. Goodship pastilles come in Peppermint, Tart Cherry, and Lemon-Lime flavors.

Available in: Washington

Kiva Petra Mints

Founded by a husband and wife team in 2010, this family-owned business has expanded fast thanks to their quality chocolate bars and claim to be the #1 edibles brand in the US. Besides the great taste of their products, Kiva has always held themselves to high standards for potency, ingredients, testing, dosing, and locally sourcing their cannabis.

While chocolate gained them success, Kiva’s Petra Mints are equally regarded among the cannabis microdosing community. Each tin contains 40 servings of their 2.5mg mints, which come in Moroccan Mint, Tart Cherry, Pineapple, and Saigon Cinnamon. Pop a mint and get ready to groove through your day.

Available in: California, Arizona, Nevada, Illinois, Hawaii, and Michigan

1906 Drops

If you’re looking to cut straight to the chase, microdosing-wise, 1906 Drops are the way to go. Each zero-calorie, vegan, gluten-free pill contains a variety of herbs, adaptogens, and cannabinoids to get you that subtle enhancement you’re looking for. Their Genius and Love drops contain 2.5mg of THC and are said to be fast-acting, going to work in just 20 minutes. 

Available in: California

The Wrap Up

Whether you’re curious about cannabis or have a Ph.D. in THC, microdosing is a beneficial part of the cannabis experience. Try microdosing with one of these edibles and see how things are bathed in the warm glow of low-dose THC.

Did we miss your favorite microdose edible? Let us know what’s great about it in the comments!


Paul Barach Paul Barach

Paul Barach is a Seattle-based freelance writer, editor, and author with experience creating well-researched, edited web articles covering cannabis news, culture, history and science. Paul is a regular contributor to PotGuide and has also contributed to publications such as, SlabMechanix, Litro, and The Trek. He prefers to spend his free time outdoors and most recently hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. So far he has only fallen into the La Brea Tarpits once. You can follow him on Instagram @BarachOutdoors and stay up to date professionally through his LinkedIn page.

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