Thursday December 22, 2016

Updated on 8/2/2021

By Michael Walters

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Generally speaking, when it comes to the topic of marijuana consumption, there are two kinds of people, those who consume and those who don’t. Often times though, the debate is left there with little to no consideration for the many different types of marijuana consumers. When relating this predicament to the holidays, it can be especially challenging to buy gifts for your favorite stoner (or yourself) without knowing if the product will affect them in a negative way.

Giving the Gift of Cannabis

How does one go about providing a cannabis gift of happiness and peace around the holidays? By selecting a product that’s sure to provide an uplifting experience. Simply put, the ultimate goal should be to find something that allows one to experience their high positively rather than feel stoned and uncomfortable.

Yes, giving the perfect cannabis gift is very important, but the part about making sure everyone feels happy and is ready to soak up the fun is key to mitigating any chance of ruining the holiday spirit. At its core, it means delivering a truly unique cannabis experience. While many edibles and other products on the market claim to offer an enjoyable high, they come with natural risks as they relate to appropriate dosing, cannabinoid levels, etc. which can affect an individual quite differently. To see what else is out there, step outside of the box and check out items that focus on enhancing your attitude first and foremost.

Selecting the Right Experience

Specifically speaking, products that isolate terpenes, like LucidMood, provide users with a more simplified approach to cannabis consumption. By offering a selection of “moods” to choose from, there’s no hidden properties or effects; simply select the mood you’d like to feel and consume. LucidMood’s product “bliss,” available in savory anise and clove flavor, is a perfect choice for anyone looking to have a clean and clear-headed cannabis endeavor. Bliss is the ideal choice to maintain a bright and cheery demeanor throughout the holiday, and is sure to keep your spirits at an even level of tranquility. By combining THC and CBD at a 1 to 1 ratio and including terpenes known to act therapeutically and induce peaceful feelings (such as Caryophyllene), the consumer can rest easily knowing they will consistently experience delightfully pleasant and soothing effects. Essentially, it provides the consumer an outlet to experience a clean high without the possibility of negative side effects. By focusing on getting high and not stoned, products like these are the perfect choice for consumers seeking to uplift and enjoy a bright and functional cannabis experience. If you're interested in purchasing a LucidMood products, you can find them at various dispensaries across Colorado.

Finding Your Bliss with Cannabis to Maintain Holiday Cheer

At the end of the day, people simply want to be happy during the holidays and traditional gift giving doesn’t necessarily foot the bill anymore. With the rise of countless products catered to blanket cannabis consumers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to fish through the proverbial haystack of products to find the desired option you are looking for. Even worse, you may select a product designed for a more seasoned user and have an unpleasant or uncomfortable experience as a result.

Additionally, there are literally hundreds of different “types” of marijuana consumers, ranging from new users to experienced veterans, and everything in between. Because the average consumer is rather experienced in cannabis consumption, sometimes the less-common consumer types are neglected, including new consumers and tourists, making it difficult to choose which product is best for you.

We recommend easing into cannabis consumption, so start slow and find the right dosing quantity and product that works best for you or a special someone. A negative marijuana experience can cause someone to never want to consume again or unintentionally impact a holiday get-together, so know what desired feeling you want this season before consuming. If you are giving the gift of cannabis this year, be sure that it’s something known to induce a fun and peaceful experience!

Photo Credit: John McSporran

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