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Thursday September 7, 2017

By Morgan Smith

420 Culture

If you’re like us, a significant portion of your budget goes towards cannabis. But wouldn’t it be great to save money so you can buy more? In this article, we’ll go over the best tips and tricks for saving money at the dispensary so you can always save some green, on green.

How to Save Money at the Dispensary

There are a few ways to save on your purchase at the dispensary. For starters, keep an open mind and try new things from time to time. If your go-to product is at normal price but a strain you haven’t tested out yet is half-off, why not expand your horizons? If there are a few types of consumption methods you’ve been interested in, go for it. You may be surprised by what you find – you may even find a new favorite product or strain!

Another tip is to consider is asking your budtender if they’ll let you split up quantities between a few different varieties. The more kinds you try, the better. You’ll add more variety to your repertoire and could save money along the way. Or hit up your buddies to share something in bulk if it’s on sale. Buying in bulk is not only a great way to get the lowest prices but also will save you numerous trips to the dispensary.

The most important tip we have for saving money on cannabis is to do your research. Compare store locations and deals, potency levels and products to ensure you’re finding the best products at the lowest process. Get the most bang for your buck by choosing a strain with higher THC content if that’s what you’re looking for.

Be sure to consult online menus or call a store for availability and prices so you don’t waste your time. And always use online resources to find the best specials, discounts and savings in your area.

Cannabis Deals and Savings are All-Around You

To find the best deals and savings, start with PotGuide’s deal system. It’s conveniently located right on our website and includes an advanced filtering system so you can check out deals specific to your state in recreational or medicinal categories like edibles, topicals, flower and extracts.

There’s even an option to break it down by product weight if you know exactly how much bud you’re looking for. We list deals at a variety of dispensaries for numerous products, so there’s sure to be something you love at a great price. Our deals pages are always being updated, so be sure to check back frequently for new deals and coupons.

PotGuide’s deal system is the best way to save at the dispensary!

Know a dispensary that doesn’t offer deals or coupons? Next time you’re in the shop, tell them to link up with PotGuide. Offering deals with us is easy—and we do it for free. Not only will the shop see it as a solid marketing tool, but you’ll reap the rewards once they partner up with us and start offering savings through our site.

Avoid Paying too Much for Cannabis Products

The unfortunate reality is that some dispensaries take advantage of unknowing customers. If you show that you’re a newbie to the cannabis world, a budtender may shift their selling strategy against your favor. But a little bit of knowledge can go a long way, so know what you’re looking for and the average amount you want to spend. Look up reviews to get a better idea of the dispensary’s environment and best products.

There are ways to avoid paying too much though. Dispensaries will also host happy hours or early bird specials on their products or offer coupons to first-time customers (or Colorado residents, military members and senior citizens) like a penny joint or penny gram. It never hurts to ask while you’re shopping around!

Some stores may offer monthly deals for products that are expiring soon so you can get a solid bargain on quality items.

Ask about loyalty punch cards, referral incentives or if they offer discounts for leaving reviews. Spending a couple minutes to write a few kind words for a discount, sign us up! And as the industry continues to boom, a few dispensaries are even beginning to open outlet stores with cheaper products. This may be the best option if you’re looking for the cheapest products at the point of sale.

If you’re on a budget, there are plenty of resources you can use to save money at the dispensary. That way, you can feel good about your purchases and splurge a little when the time feels right.

What are your biggest tips to save money at the dispensary?


Morgan Smith Morgan Smith

A born and raised Hoosier and Indiana University alumna, Morgan Smith is a freelance writer and editor based in the Denver area. Morgan has worked with B2B, nonprofit and regional publications, but especially enjoys learning and educating others about the inner-workings of the cannabis industry. Her freelance writing supported her recent six-month solo backpacking trip to South America where she climbed volcanoes, played with llamas and jumped off a bridge.

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