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Charlotte's Web is a revolutionary high CBD strain that contains virtually no THC. As a medicinal strain, Charlotte's Web has been used successfully to treat a variety of medical conditions, from PTSD to epileptic seizures. It's rapidly becoming the strain of choice for those who are interested in medication without any psychoactive effects -- and though there are similar strains, none have yet approached its efficacy. Charlotte's Web has tested at less than 0.3% THC, producing virtually no psychoactive effects. 

The Origins of Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web was developed by Colorado-based growers for a young girl named Charlotte, who suffered from severe and nearly continuous epileptic seizures. The Colorado-based growers were able to reduce the THC content of the strain while boosting its CBD, creating a product that has an extremely calming "body high" without any mental side effects. Prior to treatment with CBD, young Charlotte was experiencing incredibly violent seizures, at a rate of hundreds per week. Since using high-CBD cannabis oil, Charlotte's seizures have been reduced from over a thousand to a handful a month. The strain itself has been additionally noted for having a "web like" appearance, with long, thick trichomes that wrap around its buds.

Charlotte's Web is still a relatively rare strain, but it has quickly become sought after throughout medical marijuana communities -- often making many families with sick children move to the state of Colorado where it’s primarily found. In 2015, Charlotte's Web was cleared for production in oil form in the United Kingdom, opening the door for new legislation. 

The development of Charlotte's Web highlights many of the major benefits of CBD and cannabis within the medical community. Charlotte suffered from an epileptic disorder known as Dravet's Syndrome, for which all other pharmaceutical treatments had been ineffective. Further, the pharmaceutical treatments that are available for Dravet's all have significant side effects and lethal dosages -- perilously dangerous for a small child. Comparatively, CBD has no known lethal dosage, and the only significant side effects for CBD tinctures are a feeling of dizziness or potentially nausea. For children in particular, treatment with CBD is both safe and effective. 

The Benefits of High CBD Strains

For many medical purposes, it is not the THC but the CBD that matters. A high CBD strain such as Charlotte's Web isn't just vital on its own, for smoking consumption -- it's also a highly efficient way to create the high-CBD cannabis oil that is vital for many treatments. CBD oil is rapidly gaining medical and legal acceptance beyond even medical marijuana itself. When stripped of THC, cannabis oil can be used to treat a variety of illnesses and diseases even in states and countries in which marijuana itself is still illegal. CBD has been studied for use in patients with everything from chronic pain to cancer, and its efficacy as a seizure preventative is now well-documented. Generally, high CBD strains are not often used for smoking, but instead used to create low or no THC tinctures. High CBD strains avoid a "stoned" or "high" experience, allowing medical patients to complete their day without feeling as though they are under the influence. 

Charlotte's Web is not the only high CBD strain available. Other similar strains include ACDC, Harlequin, Sour Tsunami, and Cannatonic. However, Charlotte's Web is the only strain that has virtually no THC. Other high CBD strains still have a 1:1 to 5:2 ratio of CBD to THC. And it's also important to note that the grower of the strains does matter -- growing marijuana plants tends to be as much an art as it is a science. Oils and extracts made from Charlotte's Web are quickly proliferating throughout the medical community, and it's likely that it will see widespread legal adoption before complete medical marijuana adoption has been achieved. For those who utilize medical marijuana, Charlotte's Web can be an incredibly potent and safe solution. 

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