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Saturday March 13, 2021

By Trevor Ross


Cannabis-infused coffee is an increasingly popular feature at cafes in every state, particularly with the cultural arrival of CBD. And why not? The calming cannabinoids take the anxious edge off the caffeine, eliminating the jitters that often accompany our favorite morning drink. But for those who can’t find a cup, don’t worry, it’s simple to make yourself at home. Here is our homemade cannabis coffee recipe.

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Coffee

This recipe makes for an excellent pick-me-up but takes a little time to brew, so if you’re hoping for a kickstart to your morning, plan accordingly to get the ingredients simmering early while you go about getting ready for your day.


  • 3 cups water
  • 2 tbsp butter (sub: coconut oil)
  •  ½ gram ground cannabis flower
  • ground coffee (your choice)


  1. On the stovetop, bring the water to a boil in a small pot or saucepan. When the water is boiling, add butter.
  2. When the butter has melted in the boiling water, add ground cannabis and reduce heat. Simmer for approx. 40 mins, stirring occasionally.
  3. Skim or strain the cannabis flower from the water and butter mixture. This mixture will then be used to brew your coffee. NOTE: brewers using a French press may choose to leave the flower in, as the press will strain them out itself.
  4. Use water and butter mixture to brew coffee as usual.

You can also prep the cannabis butter the night before, but be aware, it’s best to wait to add the butter to the coffee when your java is warm. This recipe yields about 2 smaller cups of coffee (think diner-sized mugs) or one bigger cup. 

How Infusing Coffee with Cannabis Works

Putting butter in coffee may raise an eyebrow for some, but aside from having some surprising health benefits, it is necessary for the extraction of cannabinoids. THC is fat-soluble, which means digesting it with fats – like butter and oil – will make the cannabinoids more “bioavailable,” increasing the amount made available for your body to ingest. Use salted or unsalted butter to your taste.

stick of butter
Butter is necessary in order to help activate the THC from your bud. photo credit

Grind the cannabis to a consistency you can easily strain out. A coarse grind will expose less surface area to the melted butter but will be easier to separate. Finer shake may float to the top of your cup, which may not bothersome, so it’s up to you if you want to kief your coffee. A French press is recommended over an automatic coffee maker since the butter or oil may leave a film in your coffee maker or pot. A French press is much easier to clean, and the mesh filters separate even the smallest shake for you.

Enjoying Your Infused Drink

You can expect a slightly earthy taste on the back of the palate, but nothing unpleasant, or even beyond the reach of a coffee’s natural flavor. And the butter adds a similar dimension as any creamer. Remember that ingesting cannabinoids means the effects will take longer to present.

Some readers may wonder: why not just drop a tincture in your Folgers and move on? Admittedly, the results are nearly identical. The simmering stovetop mixture decarbs the flower and the butter absorbs the THC, which becomes a THC oil added to an otherwise normal cup of coffee.

A women sipping coffee
Sit back, relax, and elevate your morning routine with cannabis. photo credit

Note that this method should not be used to administer precise medicinal doses. We’re still learning exactly how temperature affects cannabinoid extraction and uptake. Bonni Goldstein, MD, a California physician specializing in cannabinoid therapy, told Healthline in 2019, “the milligram amount of CBD someone might require for his or her condition will not be consistent when delivered in a heated drink.”

But there is a rustic charm in this infusion process, reverent and ritualistic. It’s pageantry when hosting friends for breakfast, or on a weekend morning when you want to slow down and take life’s scenic route. It’s fun, and fun is enough of a reason.

Do you make your own coffee infusions at home? Share your recipes in the comments below!


Trevor Ross Trevor Ross

Trevor Ross is a writer, medical marijuana patient and cannabis advocate. He holds an MFA in writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has previously worked as a copywriter, a teacher, a bartender, and followed Seattle sports for SidelineBuzz. Originally from Washington state, you can find him now working in his garden or restoring his house in Scranton, PA, and he can be reached through LinkedIn.

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