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Saturday January 1, 2022

By Paul Barach

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For pot smokers of a certain refined palate, the wonders of pairing cannabis and wine are both well known and well documented. The complex, delicate combinations of aromas and flavors that have enraptured wine connoisseurs for thousands of years can be complemented by the complex, aromatic combinations of terpenes in cannabis flowers.

However, not all pot fans are into wine. For some, a cold, refreshing sparkling water like LaCroix is enough to get them happily through a social event, a Sober October, or a dry lifetime. For others, the “Claw is the Law” when it comes to their alcohol of choice (be it actual White Claw or some other brand of hard seltzer).

We at PotGuide believe that there’s no reason sinsemilla and seltzer can’t get along just as well as weed and wine. For those cannabis consumers looking to pair some flavorful strains with their bubbly refreshment (alcoholic or dry), here are some of the best cannabis seltzer flavor pairings.

Dry Seltzer Strain Pairings

Take a stroll through the softer side of beverage offerings to accompany your smoking.

Blackberry Spindrift and Girl Scout Cookies

When it comes to the crisp, sweet, tartness of blackberries, the best pairing is with something peppery and minty to cool it all down. The sweet, minty flavor of Girl Scout Cookies makes a perfect pairing for any Blackberry seltzer, and the chill yet social uplift of Girl Scout Cookies makes this a go-to to keep that party going during Sober October or Dry January.

Girl Scout Cookies

Coconut LaCroix and Cherry Lime Haze

The most controversial of the LaCroix line-up, coconut has its fans and its detractors with both saying the same thing: the coconut taste is strong. If that’s your thing, the best way to pair - as the old song goes-is to put the lime in the coconut. With its strong taste of Cherry Limeade bordered by a hint of pine, Cherry Lime Haze takes your mind on a journey before settling into an indica body feel. This is a good pairing to wind down after a long day.

AHA Apple Ginger and Chemdawg #4

Apple Ginger is a flavor combination that announces “autumn is here” no matter what time of year you crack the can. Complimenting those fall flavors should be the other aromas wafting from the potpourri basket. Pairing with Apple Ginger should be peppery, perfumy, and earthy, which is what makes Chemdawg #4 a great complementary strain. This talkative, racy sativa is a perfect prefunk before a long night of talking, dancing, or partying.

Bubly Mang and Blackberry Kush

With an overpowering, sweet tropical flavor like mango, the best pairings add a little bit of berry tartness into the mix. That’s where the strong berry flavor and heavy body effects of Blackberry Kush come in. With a warm and welcoming body high that gets all gooey by the end, this is a pairing for sick days, hangover days, or staycations. 

Perrier Cucumber and Summit Sweet Skunk

Summit Sweet Skunk

Spas have been offering customers cucumber water for years to add a little extra coolness to their refreshment. To complement those ice cold, cucumber crisp bubbles, you’ll need to round them out with some tart citrus. Lime Cucumber is already one of the underground G.O.A.T flavors of Gatorade, and to create this flavor combo with your seltzer we recommend a citrus-heavy strain like Summit Sweet Skunk. This strain lifts users into a borderline euphoric state before dropping you gently into the couch for the night. A great way to start and end a night of streaming entertainment. 

Hard Seltzer Strain Pairings

The explosion of hard seltzers on the market means an endless supply of options, but we selected some ideal chronic companions.

Schweppes Orange and Chocolate Chunk

Orange is a flavor that pairs best with anything sweet and mellow and pairs the worst with anything minty, as anyone who’s brushed their teeth before breakfast already knows. With this in mind, the best strain to pair with a sweet citrus is something creamy like Chocolate Chunk. This indica comes on strong, which can be doubly powerful when you’re cross-fading, so don’t start crushing cans immediately. Keep your eyes open through the drowsy intro and you’ll soon settle into a happy, social high perfect for sharing some cans around a campfire.

White Claw Black Cherry and OJ Ghost

OJ Ghost

The Tequila Sunrise already proved that cherry and orange are a great pairing, and there’s no reason not to let that ride with some Black Cherry seltzer and some OJ Ghost. The orange flavor of this strain is strong enough to bring back happy memories of half-time at your peewee soccer game, while the euphoric effects and energy lifts you out of the drowsy end of that alcohol/cannabis mix. 

Smirnoff Seltzer - Berry Lemonade and Juicy Fruit

The creamy tropical fruit flavor of Juicy Fruit compliments the sweet and tart of the Berry Lemonade seltzer. However, the effects of the Juicy Fruit strain is what makes this combination extra fun. The energetic strain gets your mind racing without taking your body along for the ride, making it easy to just chill with your first can while you get into deep conversations with whomever’s around.

Truly Hard Seltzer Blueberry and Acai and Lavender

Blueberry is a flavor that pairs well with nearly everything, but one of the flavors it best compliments is anything floral. Thus, the pairing of Blueberry and Acai seltzer with the Lavender strain is a great choice. The combination creates a heady mix of flavors that will get you feeling warm and fuzzy early. If you’re looking for some calm tranquility that’s still within walking distance of your bed, this is the combo for you. We recommend cracking a can, smoking a bowl, then sitting out on your porch or stoop checking out the winter stars. 

Bud Light Strawberry Seltzer and Glass Slipper

Glass Slipper

When it comes to strawberries, some of the best pairings are a little sweet and a little acidic. If you’ve sliced some strawberries on your plate, you’ll want to drizzle some sweet balsamic over them. If they’re in your hard seltzer, smoke something with teperpens that impart a strong pineapple taste. Glass Slipper is one of those strains, with a sweet flavor courtesy of its Pineapple pheno Cinderella 99 lineage. The effects are immediate and racy while avoiding the more anxiety-inducing effects of such a strong sativa. You can drink a few cans on this and still be pretty sharp for a conversation or a long night of gaming. 


While seltzer will never hold the connoisseur’s heart in the same way that wine does, there’s no reason not to slake your thirst with some refreshing bubbles rather than some old grapes. If bubble water and weed is how you like to party, enjoy these combinations or use them to make your own flavor combos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Pair Seltzer with Cannabis Strains?

Yes! Cannabis buds and seltzers both contain terpenes, allowing them to easily complement one another’s flavor profiles. It may not seem as fancy as beer or wine strain pairings, but fancy is in the eye of the beholder, seltzers can offer some amazing flavor combinations.

Do All Seltzers use Natural Terpenes?

Not all do, but many do. Be sure to check the ingredients list, or the manufacturer’s website if you’re unsure. Popular seltzer brand LaCroix is known for using natural plant terpenes.

What’s your favorite strain and seltzer pairing? Share your combos in the comments!

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