Wednesday November 27, 2019

By Michael Walters

Black Friday (Green Friday) Cannabis Deals and Other Holiday Coupons 420 Culture

The holidays are here and that means great savings on your favorite cannabis brands and products. In fact, as the cannabis industry has become more developed over the years, many dispensaries have started to offer some pretty amazing sales and initiatives around the holiday months. We all know that Black Friday is coming up, but have you heard about Green Friday? That’s right, while you’re out shopping for savings on everyday products and presents for friends (or yourself, you’ve earned it!) be sure to make a stop at your favorite dispensary to see what kind of deals and promotions they have going on.

There are too many dispensaries to count that offer some sort of deal around the holiday season, so check out our cannabis deals directory to find the best savings and coupons for you!

**Please note that each cannabis deal has set expiration dates. Please click into each deal to review fine print and any restrictions that may apply before visiting a dispensary to redeem a deal. You will need to present the PotGuide deal coupon (can be done electronically) to your budtender for any savings to be applied to your purchase.


Green Friday Cannabis Deals and Other Holiday Dispensary Savings

As mentioned above, there are plenty of dispensaries spreading the holiday cheer this season with reduced pricing on all sorts of products. Take a look below at some of our favorite notable holiday deals going down this year:

Colorado Holiday Cannabis Deals

Oregon Holiday Cannabis Deals

Massachusetts Holiday Cannabis Deals

New York Holiday Cannabis Deals

Keep an Eye Out for More Holiday Deals

The deals listed above are just a few of the many savings that dispensaries offer around the holidays. As we move through Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, be on the lookout for dispensaries to start offering further savings for the end of December holiday rush. Plus, after all the holidays are over there may be some post-holiday savings to be had as dispensaries try to offload products before the New Year commences. What we’re trying to say is that cannabis deals and savings are all-around you during the holidays so stop by one of your favorite dispensaries and start saving money! Happy Holidays!

Are there any holiday deals and savings at your favorite dispensary? Share them with other readers in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Michael Longmire (license)

Michael Walters Michael Walters

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