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Tuesday April 6, 2021

By Josh Kasoff

420 Culture

With recreational cannabis legalization expanding every year, the variety, ingenuity, and creativity of edibles has expanded alongside it. In 15 Legal States and counting, the sheer volume of edible brands in a single dispensary will boggle the mind of even the most culinary personalities. There’s a seemingly endless amount of options to try. Yet, the majority of those treats come in large packages, typically containing 10 doses.

For the consumer not wanting to purchase multiple servings, several brands have released their own single-serving or “single-dose” edibles. With a milligram dosage within reasonable consumption, these edibles provide an ideal option for tourists who want to sample a variety of products, local consumers still experimenting with cannabis edibles, or anyone who simply doesn’t need ten of something they only want one of. Join PotGuide as we take a look at some of the best single-dose edibles on the market.

Chill Mini Chocolates

Arguably the most beloved dessert on Earth, chocolate lovers should be satisfied knowing there’s almost no end to cannabis-infused chocolates. For Californian consumers still new to edible chocolates and not desiring a full 100-milligram bar, Chill’s Mini Chocolates may become your next obsession.

Containing 10 milligrams each and featured in dispensaries across Southern California, you’ll understand why the Chill brand deserves its moniker of “The Highest Chocolate.” Chill offers nearly every one of their full 100-milligram bar flavors in Mini options, meaning that new and/or experimenting consumers have an array of ten-milligram samples to purchase. Peppermint Bark, Cookie Jar White Chocolate, Caramel CBD, and Cappuccino Crunch are just a handful of flavors made by Chill’s award-winning team. 

Available in: SoCal

Sip Elixirs

“Reminiscent of your most recent tropical vacation,” as the brand describes themselves on their website, Las Vegas-based Sip Elixirs are brightly colored and flavored elixirs with pure THC and naturally derived terpenes. The variety of cocktail-inspired flavors each corresponds with an ideal mood to consume, such as “Mai Tai Chill” or “Wild Berry Sleep.” Whether for a 4th of July BBQ, a Mardi Gras celebration, or virtually any pool party on The Las Vegas Strip, Sip Elixirs and their growing menu of delectables are a great inclusion for any summertime celebration.  

The elixirs come in 25-, 50- and 100-milligram sizes to suit your needs, but here we’re focusing on the 25mg option. However, 25mg is technically more than a single dose so be aware when consuming (and maybe share with a friend). Sip Elixirs’ varied flavor profiles are what really stand out from the pack of other cannabis shots and elixirs. With options such as Hurricane Party, heavily inspired by the famous Bourbon Street drink, there are few offerings in the market like Sip. 11 more flavors are coming soon with the likes of Moscow Mule to Grape Sangria, and whatever “Vegas Krush'' is. I mean, where else would you find a horchata-flavored edible drink?

Available in: Nevada

Dollar Dose

For those edible cannabis consumers really trying to make their money go as far as possible, Central California-based cultivators Dollar Dose has your back. Featuring hilariously swagged-out portraits of our nation’s first president George Washington and Honest Abe, the brand is dedicated to a mission of “distributing the most delicious, convenient and thrifty dose of cannabis on the market” and their products ring true to their mission.

At $1 for a 5-mg edible, they might be the best bang for your buck throughout the Central Coast and NorCal areas. Available in a wide range of flavors from hibiscus to watermelon and mint eucalyptus, Dollar Dose’s lozenges are the way to go for edible consumers in a pinch.

Available in: Central and North California

Keef Bubba Kush Root Beer

Perfect with ice cream or all by itself, root beer is a timeless, beloved American beverage. The winner of the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Edible, Keef's Bubba Kush Root Beer is a 10-milligram soda can with that signature root beer flavor in droves. It perfectly delivers on the 50’s-Americana sense of nostalgia that the logo evokes. Keef describes their root beer as “a fun and effective infused product for people new to the edibles experience,” and the decade-old infused soda company’s description sounds just right.

Bubba Kush Root Beer is part of an impressive family as well. With classic soft drink flavors such as Original Cola and Kel Kimble’s beloved Orange Kush, as well as new additions like Purple Passion and their 1:1 THC-CBD Blackberry Coconut, any cannabis-consuming soda drinker will have a field day.

Available in: Arizona, California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Puerto Rico 

Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops

Although mixing cannabis and alcohol products is still heavily prohibited, the immensely popular California-based Lagunitas Brewing Company has found an interesting alternative. Using similar hops that are used to produce many of their esteemed beer types, the infused beverage company offers hops-based sparkling water. As the cannabis plant and the plant that hops come from are botanical cousins in a sense, what better than a collaboration of the two? Offered in dispensaries located in California and Colorado, two states already decently well-known for beer varieties, the Lagunitas’ foray into cannabis sparkling water will feel right at home. 

Through their Hi-Fi Hops brand, the well-established brewery uses their decades of brewing experience and love of music to produce a memorable cannabis product. There are three varieties of 12oz ounce bottles, each with musically themed names. The Unplugged, containing 18 milligrams of CBD and less than 2 of THC, the Tuner, containing a 1:1 ratio of 5 mg CBD to 5 mg THC, and the Reverb, with a full 10 mg of THC.

Available in: California and Colorado

Evergreen Organix Single Dose

Rounding out the list is the award-winning edible producer Evergreen Organix, whose line of dessert favorites is as extensive as many bakeries’. Evergreen Organix’s 10-milligram desserts, from Snickerdoodles to Peanut Butter Cookies to Coconut Macaroons, and even a unique caramel and graham cracker treat called a “Magic Bar,” show why the brand deserved the 2018 Nevada Jack Herer Cup award for Best Edible. 

And for those consumers with a specific desire for rice krispie-like edibles, the Nevada born and bred producer’s 10-25 milligram models provide plentiful options. Borrowing heavily from many cereal industry legends, these treats cover the spectrum. From traditional, the Rice Cereal Treat to a multicolored Fruity Pebbles analog, and even a Marshmallow Cereal Treat that a certain leprechaun would greatly desire, the gang’s all here. And if you were the extra-edgy early 90’s kid who ate Cookies and Cream cereal for breakfast, they have just the edible for you, too.

Available in: Nevada.

The Wrap Up

Above is just a taste of the many great single-dose options available in the edibles market, and new ones are emerging all the time. They act as a great way to get acquainted with a brand or product without taking the full plunge, and also deter overconsumption, making sure that your experience is just right. Next time you’re looking for something sweet or savory to elevate an evening or a day on the town, see what single-dose options are available, and expand your cannabis horizons.

What are your favorite single-dose edibles? Dish about your favorite delectable in the comments!

Photo Credit: Evergreen Organix (license)


Josh Kasoff Josh Kasoff

Josh Kasoff is a freelance journalist, writer, poet and cannabis advocate living in Las Vegas. Originally from Texas, he moved out to Vegas to both have safe and legal access to cannabis and to work directly in the industry. He enjoys covering the law and politics behind cannabis, as well as the lifestyle and culture of cannabis, and its many uses.”

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