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Tuesday March 4, 2014

By CO Pot Guy


Up until today, visitors to Aspen who wished to purchase some green had to make the 30 mile drive to Carbondale, which was the location of the Roaring Fork Valleys only recreational marijuana store.

Today that changes, with the opening of 2 marijuana stores in Aspen to the general public.  STASH and Silverpeak Apothecary both share the honor of being the 1st retail marijuana stores in Aspen.

While it is great to see some options finally open in Aspen, the Aspen Times is reporting sky high prices, with Silverpeak Apothecary initially gouging customers with a price of $25-$30/gram, or $100+ for an eighth. EDIT: This price DOES NOT INCLUDE TAX!!! Thanks Silverpeak for rewarding the community that gave you the right to sell MJ with 3x black market prices. This is officially the highest price I've seen in Colorado.  We understand they want to recover their investment, but at those prices the local Craigslist dealers will continue to prosper. 

Hopefully as more stores open and competition heats up, we'll see those prices cut in half or more by summer.

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