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By Samuel J. Smith

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From time to time, cannabis has been known to cause cases of consumer anxiety and paranoia, ultimately leading to an uncomfortable experience. Individuals new to cannabis are especially vulnerable to experiencing the opposite of delightful highs. Regular cannabis users understand that there are certain marijuana strains grown to relieve specific medicinal symptoms. For instance, strains with high CBD and low THC content are known for alleviating symptoms of anxiety, stress and paranoia.

While cannabis can be a wonderful alternative medicine for those looking to reduce their daily anxiety and stress, unfortunately some people experience the opposite. So what does a cannabis-induced anxiety attack feel like and what can a cannabis consumer do while the uncomfortable experience is happening?

There are many articles explaining the precautions and tips to avoid the cannabis-induced anxiety attack, but none seem to cover what to do in the moment. Usual advice in these articles falls along the lines of knowing your limits, eat meals prior to consumption, consume small amounts at a time, etc. However, there is little information or example procedures that one could use while in the middle of a cannabis induced anxiety attack. That’s why we’ve gathered the 8 best tips to try the next time you eat one too many edibles, hit the bong too hard or take too fat of a dab.

Terpenes to the Rescue

Terpenes have what is known as an “entourage effect” when combined with cannabis, meaning they can influence and stimulate your high in unique ways. Depending on which terpenes are being consumed, they can help tremendously with cannabis-induced anxiety. Limonene, pinene, myrcene and beta-caryophyllene have all been found to reduce anxiety by increasing blood flow to the brain and nervous system while providing anti-inflammatory relief.

Terpenes are more common than you think, and can be found in many household items. So next time you experience anxiety after consuming cannabis, try eating some black pepper (full of pinene and beta caryophyllene), drinking some lemon water (high in limonene) or nibbling on some mangos or lemongrass (rich with myrcene).


Example of Black Pepper. Photo credit

Consider CBD

The cannabinoid CBD is known to temper the effects of THC and reduce many aspects of a negative high. With that being said, trying a strain that is high in CBD might help reduce any feelings of anxiety after your smoke sesh.

Additionally, there are lots of great places to purchase CBD products that contain no THC and up to 99.9% CBD. With options like powder, tinctures, capsules and more, consuming pure CBD mid-anxiety attack is an excellent and effective remedy for most people.

Hemplife CBD Products

Direct CBD is a great CBD option

Try Cannabis Overconsumption Products

Several products that combat cannabis overconsumption have recently hit the market. These products, often in the form of tonics or drinks, are quick and easy ways to rid yourself of cannabis-induced anxiety. Perhaps the most popular product is Mary’s Rescue, by Mary’s Medicinals.

They combine clinical grade nutrients and plant-based ingredients in an effort to calm, relax and restore a consumer back to a comfortable state of mind. Sipping on this clinically formulated blend will definitely send your anxiety packing.

Distracting yourself in public.

Going to the store or anywhere in public can be tough if you get just a bit too high prior to leaving. If you are uncomfortably high in public, simply look around for something distracting. There is always something humorous happening in public spaces so just take a quick look around you.

It’s pretty much guaranteed you will find something funny that makes you smile or laugh. Have you ever been to Wal-Mart? Concentrate on the guy with a fanny pack and pony tail who is screaming at someone through his Bluetooth headset. Before you know it, your mind will quickly turn its full attention to something funny rather than your anxiety. When cannabis gets to your nerves it helps to stay busy mentally and physically.

Fanny Pack

Quite the impressive fanny pack. Photo credit

Take a Deep Breath & Calm Yourself Down

No matter the amount of cannabis you consume, its effects will 100% never, in the history of the universe, last forever. Take a deep breath, focus on your breathing and try to quiet the racing thoughts in your mind. Cannabis-induced anxiety is often a mental challenge, if you can gain control of your thoughts and feelings long enough to calm down, in time you will begin to feel better.

If you have a history of feeling anxious after consuming cannabis talk with your budtender or do a simple google search on the different strains of marijuana and their common effects. Just like music, all cannabis users have favorite strains, it just takes some experimenting to find yours.

Calm Down

Be sure to take deep breaths! Photo credit

Eat or drink.

Grab a sandwich and crack open a refreshing drink. There really is no better way to distract yourself amidst a cannabis induced anxiety attack than shoveling some food in your face. Let us ask a silly question. What goes better with being high and eating food? The answer is obvious, nothing. If you can, jump into the kitchen when you feel uncomfortably baked and cook yourself a meal, or a simple snack.

Why not make a banana bread or your favorite treat even. Focus on the cooking and keep your mind on the prize, some delicious snacks. Be sure to be careful while using knives and power kitchen tools such as blenders, toaster ovens and juicers. Eat and you will feel better. Food makes everyone feel comforted, whether it's organic or junk, homecooked or store bought.

Yummy fruit

Fresh fruit is always a good munchie selection. Photo credit

Stay Busy

If you’re uncomfortably high at home, it's a great idea to get something done around the house or take part in some physical activity. Be proactive and clean up a bit instead of sitting around bathing in your anxiety. Maybe consider playing a video game or watching a movie; stimulating your mind is always a good option. Some people find great joy and happiness from getting stoned and cleaning too. Better yet, go outside when you’re too high.

If it is a beautiful day and you are inside feeling anxious and paranoid, try taking a break outside. There is no need to walk for miles. A simple cruise around the block or down to the park will calm your nerves and ease the discomfort you’re feeling. In the moment, you recognize the onset of a cannabis induced anxiety attack, try to quickly combat it with a stroll. March, skip, bike, hike, run or walk it is relatively all the same objective. Nature and cannabis consumption go great together so if at all possible in your state unease, go out for a nice walk and don’t forget to take the dog with you.

A woody trail

A great spot for a walk. Photo credit


Music is never the wrong idea. The all-symptom remedy in life is music. Everyone has their favorite genre of music. Turn on something you enjoy and begin to relax. Again, focus on your breathing and remember your high will not last forever. If you enjoy finding new music try using popular music websites and apps that play random new tracks based off your favorite genres.

Finding a new song is not only heart-warming but also very distracting from your high. Jam out and dance. Play some house beats and bop around because dancing is also great exercise. Whichever type of music makes you happy, turn it up and forget about your worries.

Sheet music

Music heals all. Photo credit

Do you have a favorite cannabis-anxiety remedy? Comment in the discussion below!

Photo credit: Hamza Butt

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