Monday October 15, 2018

By Andrew Ward

7 Vegan Friendly Cannabis Edible Brands to Check Out 420 Culture

With cannabis rapidly moving towards healthier consumption options, it’s no surprise to see a growing amount of vegan products hitting sales shelves. While the pickings are still relatively slim, major names have joined, as have smaller operations, in catering to consumers seeking animal-free products. In some cases, brands are even committing to having a line with only vegan options.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, but here are a few of our favorite brands to consider for vegan-friendly edibles:

Wana Brands

Colorado's Wana Brands has made a name for itself over the past eight years in the cannabis industry. In fact, they tout themselves as the state’s most popular sour gummies. Today, the brand offers its infused products for medical and recreational use. They are available in Colorado as well as Arizona, Oregon and Nevada. Wana Brands offers products in three different THC to CBD ratios in a range of flavors that include watermelon, lemon, blueberry and many more. Additionally, Wana Brands’ entire product line is vegetarian-friendly and those looking for vegan options can opt for the Jewels or Sour Gummies made from pectin rather than gelatin.

CannaPunch/Highly Edible

CannaPunch is another Colorado brand that has solidified a strong market share across the Centennial State. With a passion for taking care of people and the world, the company produces delicious, potent edibles for medical and recreational customers. Even better? They have several vegan products including their flagship drink, CannaPunch, as well as their line of gummies under the brand Highly Edible. Calling themselves "a step above the rest," Highly Edibles claim to deliver improved moods along with a significant dose of relaxation.


With an intention of creating the finest edibles, Verdelux is a Washington brand that emphasizes perfecting its taste, potency and consistency above all else. Verdelux chooses to work with farms that are free of pesticides and fungicides – forging partnerships that adhere to the same ethics. Today, it offers three distinct products in a series of flavors. They include Illuminations, 10mg lumen drops; Bon Bombs, their take on bonbons; and Lush, 10mg pieces of soft jelly candies.

Much of the company's line is vegan. However, a few products are excluded from the list. That said, vegan consumers can enjoy Verdelux's Lush soft jellies, Illuminations lumen drops, and the dark chocolate and dark raspberry varieties of the brand’s Bon Bombs.

Canyon Cultivation

Canyon Cultivation is another Colorado edibles brand, and have been producing "flavorful, discreet and accurately medicated" edibles since 2011. The company strives for producing wholesome cannabis products that rely on "the cleanest extraction process possible." Canyon double verifies its cannabis content with on- and off-site testing and boasts a completely synthetic-free product line. Most of the company's offerings are vegan, in addition to being non-GMO, gluten-free and containing all-natural ingredients. Canyon’s vegan offerings include their SuckIt and LickIt product lines.

Skywalker Delights

Seattle's Skywalker Delights is the creation of Founder Skywalker and two others to create a buzz in the kitchen and on social media. Their goal is to produce "health conscious medicated treats for our patients with dietary restrictions and an overall consciousness of their daily intakes." To do so, the company's entire product line is not only vegan but also gluten-free and non-GMO. Emphasis is also placed on making products daily from local organic ingredients, medical cannabis and other eco and human-friendly efforts.

Some of Skywalker's menu items include Macaroon Delights, Seattle Salted Caramels, and Sky Caps. Consumers in several states can get their hands on Skywalker Delights from locations in Washington, Alaska, Texas, California and Hawaii.

Incredibles Fruit and CBD Tarts

Incredibles is yet another Colorado company that has honed its craft since 2010. Since opening, its edibles have won national praise and awards many times over. The company prides itself on quality products through extraction technology, dosing and packaging. Offering an array of products, Incredibles creates infused chocolates (not vegan), gummies (not vegan), mints and tarts. Now, its new line of fruit and CBD tarts and mints have ushered Incredibles into the vegan market. Coming in several flavors, the products offer discreet microdoses that are also gluten-free, GMO-free and triple lab tested. Incredibles products are currently available in Colorado, Oregon, California, Nevada and Illinois.

VCC Brands

VCC Brands started in one of their founder’s garages and has since grown to produce several popular brands in the California edibles market. To the delight of vegan consumers, VCC Brands have plenty of options that are free of animal products. Under their brand the Venice Cookie Company, there are 5 different vegan options: savory pretzels, chocolate chews, 1:1 CBD churro cookies, The Chipster cookie and The Hippie cookie. Their brand 4.20 Bar carries vegan sea salt dark chocolate, 2:1 CBD dark chocolate and Raw Hempcrunch bars. Finally, their brand Cannabis Quencher carries a wide variety of vegan drinks and fruit snacks.

Next Steps for Vegan Edibles

With vegan and vegetarian options sure to grow in the coming years, a multitude of animal friendly edibles are likely hit shelves sooner than later. As the industry matures, expect to see more health conscious options arise as well. While gummies and sweets will always have a place at the table and in our hearts, we’re hoping to find a growing number of healthy infused items for sale soon enough.

Did your favorite vegan edibles make the list? Let us know if we missed any in the comments below!

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