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Thursday March 3, 2016

By Staff

420 Culture

Do you consider yourself a stoner?

Chances are you don’t, even if you are a frequent smoker. Why? Because many people feel that the term “stoner” implies a negative, lazy image. It’s only natural to think this, as it’s been heavily ingrained in our brains over the last few decades thanks to countless stereotypical movies and other media images, headshops, old school government laws and much more.

We’ve found that contrary to the infamous “lazy stoner” stereotype, most smokers we meet and know personally are active, engaged individuals who have a variety of interests. It’s ridiculous to assume that all people are the same, so why would you assume that all smokers behave the same way as well?

As cannabis consumption becomes less stigmatized, toking on the go is becoming more and more accessible. There are many products designed for this type of behavior, which allow you to bring your consumption habits along for the numerous adventures life has to offer. Specifically speaking, vaporizing can elevate the smoking experience by offering a healthier, more discreet and enjoyable cannabis experience for any beginner or veteran.

There are two important pieces of a concentrate or dabbing vaporizer setup that you’re bound to encounter in your research. Each product will affect your experience with a vape, including taste, ease of use and how frequently you’ll need to replace your heating elements to ensure the best vaping experience possible, so it’s important to understand what they are.

  • The Mouthpiece
    (Where will you inhale from?)

  • The Housing of the Heating Element & The Heating Element Itself
    (Is it plastic, metal, ceramic? Wick, cotton, coil, ceramic, titanium, glass, quartz?)

The Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is an important part of the vaporizer where you inhale from and its fit often determines the amount of vapor you can actually draw in. One great thing about vaporizers is the interchangeability of these parts. This allows for variation and personalization, plus changing your mouthpieces will also prevent dreaded build-up and can improve sanitation with easy cleaning.

Drip Tips
Drip Tips
Drip Tips
Drip Tips

While most companies have interchangeable mouthpieces (like 510 threading), some companies design “proprietary mouthpieces” which will only work with that particular company's line of parts and threadings. Smoking is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, so be sure to avoid products that are going to give you a headache or have extensive set-up processes.

Personally, we’re big fans of statement drip tips, also known as glass caps or globe attachments. Drip tips come in a variety of sizes and materials (like plastic, glass or ceramic which can affect the temperature of the vapor produced by a vaporizer) and attach as a mouthpiece to your concentrate vaporizer, electronic cigarette, RBA or SUB Om tanks. Add a bit of flair to truly customize your setup, with unique mouthpieces in the shape of popular cartoon characters, animals, shapes and so much more.

The Housing of the Heating Element & The Heating Element Itself

The most important part of a vaporizer setup is the heating element inside, so make sure that you’re choosing the right housing for the type of product you want to consume and the way in which you want to consume it (conduction vs. convection).

For example, ceramic or steel housing elements with no exposed heating coils are best for flower in portable vaporizers so they don’t ignite the herbs, which would produce smoke like a traditional pipe (versus true vapor). Those heating chambers that have exposed coils are best for wax and other concentrates (although they can technically be used with mini screens to prevent direct contact between the product and the hot coils).

As we mentioned earlier, why make this decision more complicated than it needs to be? Break it down by how you typically like to consume. Prefer more temperature control? Look for a vaporizer with a metal heating element like a titanium wick, coil, or disc. Don’t want the quality of your cannabis to suffer? Check out a vaporizer with a ceramic donut or coil. Feeling fancy? Look for something with a quartz insert or coating that’s lauded as the best material for overall flavor (and we all know flavor is what really matters here)!

Overall, discs and coils are most common on the starter vapes, whereas you will find pancake coils, donuts, and heating plates on higher-end vaporizers, which are meant for longer term or more consistent usage. When choosing a vaporizer, be sure to compare heaters to make sure you’re getting a durable, consistent and safe product to ensure the best taste possible. This topic is heavily debated, so try a few different options to determine your personal preference.

For Those Who Are More Advanced...

Honey Bucket
Honey Bucket
Honey Bucket
Honey Bucket

As an alternative to vaping, try a more advanced way to consume concentrates via dabbing with a honey bucket. Honey buckets are most acclaimed for their ability to keep the heat away from your dab rig. This is important because of the amount of heat it requires to properly vaporize concentrates is often very sensitive. While quartz is made to withstand high temperatures, glass is a bit more fragile and as it’s consistently being heated, cooled, and reheated, it can cause damage to the joints on your pieces.

This is where a honey bucket come in! The swinging arm keeps the hot part of the nail, and  therefore the torch flame, further away from your piece, allowing ample distance from heat source to glass. They’re a trendy way to step up your concentrate game and are a visually appealing way to dress up that new (or old!) rig on your countertop. With a variety of different heating elements for your dab or concentrate rig, you’ll be sure to find a set up that fits your exact needs.

Get on the “Vape Train”

Our community is filled with people who smoke and vape for their own reasons. Whatever your passion is, let’s celebrate the one love we all have in common -- clouds of cannabis! The industry has come quite a long way (and still has a way to go), but the increased acceptance and overall awareness of the plant and its associated consumption is truly something to be celebrated.

Whether you’re starting with a new vaporizer or looking for ways to dress up your current smoking habits, do you research and check out our friends at Cloud Culture. They carry products like concentrate and e-liquid vaporizers, mouthpieces, heating elements and much more to get help you on your way. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all of the different options of vaporizer, e-liquid and concentrate pens (and the many available add-ons), so try to stay focused on what matters most -- taste, health benefits and quality materials to help elevate any cannabis experience.


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