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Saturday October 22, 2016

By Staff

420 Culture

Want to bring 420 to 10/31? Everyone wants to be the life of the party -- and you can take it even higher with the following awesome stoner Halloween costumes. The best thing about these costumes is that there's something for everyone, whether you're a casual smoker or a committed daily hitter.

Captain Cannabis

Grab a green shirt, cape and mask and adorn with as many pot leaves as you can find. This superhero deserves the key to the city!

Captain Cannabis

The Dude

Grab a wig, an ugly sweater, and pajama pants, and you'll be abiding in no time. The Dude is a comfortable costume that's instantly recognizable.

The Dude abides

Cheech and Chong

Go back to the originals with Cheech and Chong. A great couples costume or pair costume, Cheech and Chong costumes are best discovered at thrift shops and discount stores.


Arguably culturally insensitive, but still incredibly fun, the rasta costume is a fan favorite and instantly recognizable by just about everyone. If you don't want to endure "But who are you?" comments all night, this one's a real winner.


Just a Joint

Another low effort costume ready to go: roll yourself into a joint. All you need is a sheet, cardboard, and some tape and you'll be ready to go. You can even have a friend dress up as a lighter and chase you around!

A Joint and Lighter Costume


Everyone knows that Shaggy from Scooby Doo is totally a stoner -- come on, Scooby Snacks? But in addition to being a stoner, he's also a great costume -- just grab a green shirt, some cardigan pants, and a shaving razor.

Shaggy from Scooby-Doo

Super Troopers

Turn the generic cop costume on its head with a large group of super troopers. A cult classic among stoners, this costume is calling to you -- right meow.


OK -- this one might bear some explanation. Have you ever noticed that the marijuana subreddit on is r/trees? If so, you may have also noticed that the tree subreddit is named r/marijuanaenthusiasts. In addition to these foolish hijinks, the r/trees logo is a pineapple. Why? Because the Internet, that's why.

Pineapple Costume

Pot Head

Want to go really abstract with it? Just dress up as a literal pot head! When people ask you what you are, give them a nod and a wink -- you'll know your real friends by who gets it.

Pothead Costume

Just Put a Bunch of Weed On

But don't get us wrong. If you just want to play it straight, you can just get a costume with a ton of weed on it. From weed nurses to weed maids -- and just plain weed body suits -- you can simply dress up as your favorite plant of all.


Halloween is when we celebrate the wacky and fun things in our life, so throw on your best stoner costume, hit the dance floor, and do the dab all night.

Photo Credit: aotaro


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