Is Pinterest Shadow Banning Marijuana Companies?

Most social media platforms explicitly prohibit advertising for cannabis companies, even if that company doesn’t touch the plant. In other words, even if you’re only talking about weed, you may be violating the community standards. Let’s take a look at the community standards at Pinterest.

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Bud & Breakfasts, 420 Friendly Lodging & the COVID-19 Impact

The bud and breakfast concept has slowly but surely gained traction across several United States markets. The 420 friendly lodging space requires significant growth and maturation. However, despite its modest positioning today, several in the cannabis space believe the sector could soon boom.

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How to Use CBD When You Get Too High

You can have too much of a good thing, and cannabis certainly proves that point. While you can't overdose on marijuana, ill effects can arise if a person consumes beyond their body's limit. Let's explore how CBD may help when a person gets too high.

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Who Discovered THC?

Cannabis enthusiasts have been arguing for decades about who is responsible for the discovery of THC. Click here to learn more about the history of this euphoric compound and how it actually came to be identified.

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