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The Farmers Cup: California's Largest Edibles Only Competition

  • Friday April 8, 2022

What better way to celebrate edibles than by taste testing the best of the best brands, in every category possible at the Farmers Cup. They set the bar by becoming the biggest edible competition to date. Licensed cannabis companies from all over California entered infused treats, drinks and more!

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420 Culture

Can Police Officers Consume Cannabis in Canada?

With nationwide marijuana legalization in full effect, the question must be asked -- can Canadian police officers consume cannabis? Learn more about this controversial topic and what areas allow and don't allow police force consumption.

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What is Rebound Hyperemia?

While purely a cosmetic affliction (meaning there is no serious health risk associated with the condition), chronic red eyes can carry social stigmas of drug use, fatigue, or other illnesses that make socializing unnecessarily challenging.

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