Cannabis News Recap: March 2021

March was a busy month for legislators racing to open up cannabis markets, but it’s justice reform that appears to be carrying some measures across the finish line. The cannabis industry is heading into this year’s 4/20 with more momentum than ever before. Let’s get to the headlines.

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420 Culture

Healthy 420 Munchies

Health-minded cannabis consumers are discovering the delectability behind healthy foods after consuming top-shelf products. To help, we’ve gathered a collection of 420-friendly healthy munchies. As you’re prepping for 4/20, consider these dank delectables.

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Hiking with Cannabis: Dos and Don'ts

A nice trail toke can loosen up your limbs, get your head in the right place to relax, and is great for feeling that natural vibe. However, heading out into the woods for even a couple of miles takes a little bit of planning. PotGuide is here with some helpful Dos and Don’ts of hiking while stoned.

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Glaucoma Treatment and Marijuana

Studies show that cannabis can in fact relieve glaucoma for a few hours at a time. Researchers also found that THC worked as well as any FDA-approved medication for the condition. However, there are a few caveats in using cannabis as the sole treatment for glaucoma, let's check them out!

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What is Delta-10 THC?

Think that Delta-9 THC is the only cannabis compound that can get you high? Think again, because there’s a new cannabinoid in town. Meet delta-10 THC, a close molecular relative to delta-9 THC (famously known as the cannabinoid that causes the euphoric high), and delta-8, which will also get you high but reportedly less intensely than delta-9.

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The Easiest Marijuana Strains to Grow

Growing most strains for consumption takes a lot of attention to detail. Knowing how to make your plant thrive only comes with experience. If you’re looking to grow a cannabis plant for the first time, PotGuide is here with the easiest marijuana strains for first-timers to grow.

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