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7 Must-Try Cannabis Strains for Fall 2020

  • Monday September 28, 2020

Happy Fall! With the change of seasons comes a change in appetites, and cannabis strains are no exception. Here are some cannabis strains to try as we switch from summery fresh and fruity to autumnal cozy and warm.

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Cannabis News Recap: August 2020

August brought about another exciting month in the cannabis space. Much of the developments centered on outcomes the industry is all too familiar with, namely uncertainty and setbacks. Click here for some of the top cannabis news stories from the past month.

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Exploring Social Equity Programs in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry continues to grow, but such largesse is not reaching communities of color. Although there is still a long way to go, some states have begun developing social equity programs to address some of these inequities. Click here to learn more!

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The Best Places for a Cannabis Vacation Post-Coronavirus

Much of the world is clamoring to get outside – that includes cannabis consumers like you and me. We spoke with several respondents who offered up pot-tolerant American and European locations that are also rich with spacious scenery to enjoy. Even if your plans are for 2022, why not get planning?

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Do Your Genes Influence the Effects of Cannabis?

There are many factors at play when it comes to how cannabis will affect each person. Researchers, curious about these differences, have begun early research on exploring the question. What they’ve learned so far is that our own genes may play a role in how cannabis affects us.

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What are Rosin Cartridges?

Rosin cartridges have been multiplying on cannabis dispensary shelves across the country in recent years. You may find yourself wondering what exactly are rosin cartridges? How are they different from the regular vape pen cartridges that you buy? Are they worth the extra cost?

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How to Properly Distance Cannabis Plants in a Grow Room

There are numerous reasons for growing your own cannabis: the price, the fun, and the sense of satisfaction as you consume cannabis flowers that you cultivated and harvested. But before you start growing there is one question that you should be considering: “How far away should I space my plants?”

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