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Saturday September 5, 2015

By Tyler Terps

420 Culture

Electric nails provide users with consistently readily available temperatures with a provided power source nearby. Other than being out in nature we've seen that torches have become a thing of the past with the help of a coil that wraps around the outside of a specially made dab nail. Despite them all essentially doing the same thing, it’s the way that it’s packaged and presented when it comes to the levels of craftsmanship and affordability. Sometimes their purpose serves more of a portable one, whereas others may be seeking something to double as decoration, therefore built with a little bit more detail. Some are even small enough to be thrown into a sweatshirt pocket, while others are prepared to accompany you on a trip as you travel, fully fledged out in a hard Pelican Case.


An E-Nail can be costly, especially to those that focus more on their extracts than what they’re enjoying them out of. With some costing upwards of $500-$600, there’s no question that there’s a market for something much more affordable. Since 2013 Gimido has provided economically friendly units, one of which only costs $109. This size seems to be the perfect for those that don’t want something taking up a lot of space on their tabletop. The company’s other options suits all price levels, using different parts to accommodate the pricier buys. Although it does not come with a nail, you can customize the color of these units and order a nail separately. The warranty extends to a year for the box, while the coil is only covered for half of one, guaranteeing you a working setup for six months at least. Once the missing component is added, you will have yourself something satisfyingly functional.


Disorderly Conduction PeliNail
Disorderly Conduction PeliNail
Disorderly Conduction PeliNail
Disorderly Conduction PeliNail

The Disorderly Conduction PeliNail sets itself away from knock-offs in its official look and performance. The incorporation of an E-Nail with a Pelican case has manifested a slew of knockoffs that can’t rival two of the strongest brand of parts in their respective fields. Putting the coil, PID, and switch all on the outside of the case allows for easier flow of the coil and power cord wires as opposed to putting the port on the inside. Essentially all of the different sizes are all the larger electric nails you will see around, even though the Pelican opens up to reveal a metal backed box is built in. The most important feature from Disorderly Conduction is the new battery accessory that gives you the option to dab at a perfect temperature on the go for up to two hours every charge. Be sure to pick up a PeliNail if you’re looking for something that will be ready to be taken on the road.


The Shatterbox E-Nail provides their buyers with the ability to get a custom skin wrapped around the box. If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably already come across some of their work in your newsfeed. No matter the photo provided, the precision in the printing and placement of the decal upon its arrival will represent nothing but professionalism. The company sells a unique accessory; a nail stand for when yours is too hot to stay put on your rig’s joint and helps prolong the lifespan of your glass. While custom options usually entails more money, the Shatterbox E-Nail 2.0 is currently on sale at a very affordable $225. Their website and customer service outlets can help you get started on having yours customized as well.


The D-Nail is one of the original electric nail brands, and continues to pave the way for innovative advancements in the field. Everything from new nail surfaces to trying to find an optimal temperatures for flavor, the D-Nail team always does their share of research and development. As mentioned, when you’re looking for durability, there’s no real competition for the original kings of the plug in fuel source. Ranging from 250 and up, you’ll be able to find a well crafted piece of equipment to add to your arsenal. Both the 1.2 and 2.0 versions will blow you away in the way they deliver and look posted to your glass collection. Not only are metal encased units offered, but you can choose a wooden or specially made option (like a Super Nintendo nail) as well. If you’re seeking the best bang for your buck, lasting longer is more important than costing less! The saying is true: you really do get what you pay for.

If you weren’t already aware, every brand of electric nail has a different consumer in mind, because everyone is different. Sometimes you need something that will make it through a hike but also be usable while you take a break and are away from a power source. Perhaps your desk is cluttered and you need something that won’t limit your space even more. In terms of what it does, there isn’t too much variation aside from accurate, however where they can go and how long they will do it for is completely dependent upon your purchase.

Photo Credit: Disorderly Conduction


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