Monday February 16, 2015

By Chad Sivad


As the name of the strain suggests, Girl Scout Cookies are a delicious treat that is bound to satisfy the sweet tooth commonly found in marijuana smokers. Variations of this strain are found on shelves in dispensaries all over the state of Colorado.

Girl Scout Cookies, known as GSC, has been steadily gaining popularity all over the United States in the past few years. This poly-hybrid strain is a cross between OG Kush and F1 Durban and was originally cultivated by the Cookie Family in San Francisco. While this strain originated from the West Coast, you can find different versions of this high-quality product in clone bars and dispensaries all over the United States.

The first thing you notice when you crack open a container of GSC is the sweet pungent smell of the flower. The aroma is very earthy with a slight hint of baked cookies and is very similar to OG Kush but without the strong lemon scent. There is a distinct sweet scent to the herb and the strain definitely reminds you of some delicious cookies -- thin mints, perhaps? Before you examine the herb itself your nose is already begging you to try it.

The buds appear entirely frosted with clusters of powdery crystals which promise to pack an intense high. The nugs are very dense at the core with green calyxes sprouting out and wrapping around purple leaves.

Orange and golden hairs are also found sprouting throughout the flower. This strain is noticeably similar in appearance as OG Kush but with slightly less orange. The green, purple and orange color makes the buds appear more attractive and complex.

Inhaling this strain puts you in a very pleasant place while packing quite a punch. It gives you a fairly long-lasting high. A little bit can definitely goes a long way with this strain so don't go overboard on your first sample. The effects are very strong providing a lasting cerebral head-change as well as full-body relaxation. The combination of mental and physical effects make this a very powerful strain that won't knock you out right away.

GSC tastes a lot like America's favorite marijuana-free cookies by the same name. There is a distinct earthy flavor with hints of chocolate and possibly even mint. The smoke is thick enough to coat your tongue with the delicious taste of this strain without making your mouth too dry.

GSC boosts your mood making you feel extremely euphoric, happy and leaves you in an overall uplifted state. Medically, this strain is ideal for treating stress, pain and depression. GSC gives you a strong high matched with delicious flavor and scent. If you're looking for a tasty, potent, mood-boosting strain, then you should definitely try some Girl Scout Cookies.

Whether this is your first visit to Colorado, or you're a local red card holder, Girl Scout Cookies is a strain you worth checking out. Perhaps the best part is asking your friends to partake -- "Hey guys, would you like to try some Girl Scout Cookies?" -- Because, honestly, who could resist that offer?

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