Thursday December 17, 2015

By Staff

Last Minute Holiday Shopping with STASHLOGIX 420 Culture

We’ve all been there. It’s only a week away from the holidays and we’re STILL looking for gifts to give our parents, friends and that one cool aunt from the New York City. Instead of buying a boring sweater from the mall or a book you saw on some website, step outside the norm. Embrace your loved one’s cannabis lifestyle and gift a cool product that shows them you really care.

Introducing our friends at STASHLOGIX, a brand that was developed by a great team with a focus on family and cannabis safety. This means you (or your parents, friends or that one cool aunt) now have a cannabis storage solution that’s elegantly designed, yet extremely functional.

To be specific, their line of 3 different sized cases come in a beautiful natural hemp or 500 DN nylon, and are childproof, odor proof and completely secure. Each case features a combination lock, customizable padded dividers, a charging port, a stash journal to document your strains, storage jars, a labeling marker to keep things organized and OdorPax to stop any odors from leaking.

Not only does the PotGuide team have their own STASHLOGIX bag for ourselves, but we’re also gifting them to our friends and family this holiday season. Personally, we’re blown away by the quality of the case, which gives us peace of mind that our cannabis is safely and discretely stored away from prying hands. We have it in our homes and use it on the go too.

This year, give a usable gift that’s beautiful and fits into every cannabis experience.


Pricing starts at $40 for the GoStash, $65 for the EcoStash & $80 for the ProStash.

Photo Credit: STASHLOGIX

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