Tuesday December 23, 2014

By CO Pot Guy

Incredibles: Inside an infused edible manufacturer 420 Culture

Edibles are a huge component of the Colorado marijuana marketplace, accounting for up to 45% of sales.  The popularity of cannabis infused food in Colorado can be attributed to several factors, including a lack of legal places to smoke marijuana, as well as offering a less stigmatized introduction to pot for beginners. 

There are a plethora of edible manufacturers in Colorado, each offering their own distinctive line of products.  We decided to stop by one of our personal favorites, Medically Correct LLC, to give you some insight into one of the largest infused edible manufacturers in Colorado.

Incredibles LogoMedically Correct LLC was founded in 2010, and is known for its large product line of marijuana infused chocolate bars manufactured under the brand name Incredibles.  Incredibles were originally made to serve the medical marijuana market, and later expanded into recreational marijuana.  With the early success of their medical product line, and rapid growth of the retail marijuana products, Medically Correct is now producing 3,000 bars a day at their existing 1,200 sq/ft west Denver location.   With their current space limiting capacity, Medically Correct is now moving their manufacturing to a new 8,000 sq/ft location with its own grow facilities to better serve the expanding market.

Pouring THC infused chocolates into molds

Incredibles are infused with THC from hash oil, and are offered in a variety of potencies, with the recreational products ranging from 25mg-100mg THC per bar.  They currently offer around 9 varieties for the adult use market. 

Strawberry Crunch Bar

Our personal favorite is the 'Strawberry Crunch' bar, which is made of white chocolate, real strawberries and rice flax.   Affogato is also highly recommended, which contains vanilla latte, espresso beans, and caramel swirl.  Can’t forget about Monkey Bar, with coconut oil, toasted walnuts, and real bananas.  Hungry yet?

One interesting fact about Medically Correct is they produce their own hash oil in-house. We met with co-founder Bob Eschino who showed us their extraction system.  Medically Correct uses a closed-loop butane based extraction that is highly efficient in regards to removing any lingering solvents from the final product.  Their extraction system is state of the art, and interestingly enough, developed and fabricated in-house.  Bob said they decided to design and build their own cannabis based extraction system from the ground up after experiencing issues with several existing extraction systems, which they tried to retrofit for THC purposes.  They were so pleased with the final product, that Medically Correct now has an in-house welder and machine shop, with plans to sell their own line of extraction systems commercially.  

Closed Loop Extraction System

Just a heads up that we don’t receive any compensation from Medically Correct, we just enjoy their products.  One of the reasons is consistency.  Some edible manufacturers have struggled with maintaining a consistent potency amongst their different batches.   From personal experience, Incredibles have been very consistent from batch to batch.  They test every batch of hash oil to determine potency.  The bars are divided into squares so measuring your dose is very easy.  The profile of the high from the product is also consistent and well balanced.  Not too sedating, not overly stimulating, just a pleasant hybrid type buzz. The hash oil goes through a process called decarboxylation, which essentially turns inactive THCA into psychoactive THC.  It is very important this process is done correctly and thoroughly, otherwise you’ll end up with inactive products in your edible.

Boxes of Incredible bars ready for shipping

Looking ahead, Medically Correct is eyeing expansion into other marijuana friendly states, and expanding their product line outside of chocolate bars with the addition of gummies.  We haven’t tried the gummies yet, but they do offer a solution for the only negative issue we’ve experienced with Incredibles chocolate bars, which is summer heat + chocolate don’t mix.  They also plan on offering their own line of marijuana concentrates in the near future, including shatter and wax, under the brand name Incredible Extracts.  

During your next trip to Colorado, be sure to ask the budtender about Incredibles bars and see if there is one for your liking.   Start with small doses if you are new to edibles. Take 5-10mg and wait 2 hours before eating more. Make sure to stay hydrated and you should have an enjoyable experience.   

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