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Tuesday December 9, 2014

Updated on 8/2/2021

By CO Pot Guy

Person skiing down a mountain in Colorado Travel

Ski season is underway and we’ve had great early season snow conditions. Hopefully, you are planning a ski trip to Colorado this year, and since you're reading this on PotGuide, we assume you would like to get a taste of Colorado marijuana during your visit. If so, we have some useful information and tips for you.

Arriving in Colorado

You'll probably be arriving at Denver International Airport, then heading up to the mountains along I-70. The Denver Metro and Front Range area certainly have the largest concentration of recreational marijuana stores in Colorado. You may want to consider stocking up before you head into the mountains as you will find the best selection and prices. 

Locals Tip:  Avoid I-70 on Friday evenings, Saturday mornings, and Sunday evenings as day skiers from Denver and the Front Range can cause traffic nightmares.

Denver has the largest selection of pot stores, but they are required to close by 7pm, and usually stop accepting customers by 6:45pm. If you are arriving late, check out the stores in Aurora, which borders Denver to the east, and allows stores to remain open until 10pm. Edgewater, which borders Denver to the west, allows stores to remain open until midnight, so another great options for late arrivals.

If you are planning a trip to Vail or Beaver Creek, you are likely flying into Eagle County Airport (EGE). If heading to Vail, you may want to stop at the handful of dispensaries open in Avon / Eagle-Vail that you will pass on the way there. Otherwise, you’ll need to backtrack west to visit the stores, as there are none in the Town of Vail. The stores in the valley can remain open until 7pm.

For those flying into Steamboat Springs, Aspen or Telluride, you shouldn’t have any issues as there are recreational marijuana stores located in town. These towns all allow stores to remain open until 7pm.

If driving into Colorado, check our marijuana store directory to find the closest locations to your route. After you’ve stocked up at the dispensary, make sure to keep your goods somewhere safe while you travel.

Watch our video featuring the "Top 6 Recreational Dispensaries Between Denver & Breckenridge Along the I-70 Mountain Corridor."

Cannabis Tours when Your Legs Need a Break

Cannabis tours can be a great way to experience marijuana culture in Colorado in a short period of time.  Denver has the most marijuana tour companies, but there are others opening in the mountains to accommodate the winter tourism market. 

When looking at tours, you need to decide if you would like a private or public tour. Private tours obviously offer more customization, but the tradeoff is they are usually more expensive than group tours. The exception is when you have a large group when it can sometimes be more cost effective to do a private tour. 

In Denver, group tours are usually offered only on Saturdays, whereas private tours are available anytime. Make sure to plan your flights accordingly if you would like to participate in a group tour.

In the mountains, Telluride Green Tours is offering 2-hour walking tours in Telluride. Durango has a couple of new tour companies, as they just started allowing rec marijuana sales. Cultivating Spirits handles cannabis tours for those of you staying anywhere between Breckenridge and Vail. Travel High Colorado is catering to the Aspen market. 

Federal Land and Marijuana

Please be aware that your right to possess marijuana in Colorado does NOT apply when you are on federal land. As a result, please use discretion when consuming.

Many of the ski resorts are located on federal land (usually just the ski runs, not the ski towns). As a result, use your head and don’t get in trouble. One of the reasons edibles and vaporizer pens are so popular in Colorado is they have no smell and are discreet.  We’re not recommending skiing while stoned, but vapes and edibles would both be better options than smoking blunts in the gondola.

Finally, not to be a buzz-kill, but skiing while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is against the law and is a violation of the Colorado Ski Safety Act. If caught, the fine can be up to $1,000. We’ve never seen anyone busted for this in 20 years, but just wanted to make you aware that technically it is a crime. If you do decide to bring a vaporizer or joint on the hill with you, be sure to store it in a protective in a protective, dry place!

Some parting advice is to make sure you remain hydrated during your trip. The mixture of high elevation, low humidity and active lifestyle will certainly drain your body of fluids. Make sure you hydrate often to avoid any issues. Hopefully, you can schedule a ski trip out this year and get to enjoy our ‘Green Winter’. The great snow along with the sprouting marijuana industry makes Colorado the #1 destination for skiing in the world. 

photo credit: Zach Dischner via photopin cc

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