Curaleaf is a Youngtown Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Curaleaf dedicates all efforts to delivering nature’s finest cannabis and cannabis-based medicines to Youngtown patients in a welcoming, friendly environment. Their dispensary staff equips visitors with the medical knowledge and empowerment they need to select their optimal marijuana product and achieve an improved quality of life.

Curaleaf's mission is to improve the lives of their patients. Their dispensary provides a quality experience and lives up to their standards of integrity, excellence, and wellness. As ambassadors for the end of cannabis prohibition, Curaleaf is determined to eliminate the stigma surrounding medical marijuana and bring cannabis into the light through information and compassionate, professional service. As they continue on their mission to educate others and share the marijuana love, Curaleaf regularly brainstorms and innovates new ways to help their Youngtown patients.

Valid on Tuesday
Triple Treat Tuesday
25% OFF
Valid on Wednesday
Weigh Heavy Wednesday
Valid on Thursday
Terpy Thursday
Valid on Friday
Valid on Saturday
Stoney Saturday
20% OFF
Last updated on Wednesday, February 5, 2020


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