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Waited over an hour for an online order, items were left out of my bag and I had to go back and spend 30 more minuets before they realized it was there mistake. They help customers based on their preference, I had several online and walk in orders get helped ahead of me. There staff that greets customers are rude and should probably have formal training in customer service. The only reason I will go back is because of the Happy hour special, when that’s over I doubt I’ll go back,
a week ago
I've been here 5 times and only once been satisfied, and that was because of the new patient deal. Other than that, everytime I try and give them another chance they fail. Bud tenders are nice and helpful, but they can't turnover patients. The wait is consistantly over 30 minutes, I've walked out because it's so long. Their online menu is never updated, twice I've ordered online and showed up for them to be out of stock. The prices are okay and okay flower. But not worth the wait, or how unorganized it is.
2 weeks ago
Miss the old menu. The one with the better prices. I feel like they got a little greedy and racked up prices. Ive seen some 8ths that where on the house tier, the old house tier for under $20 now for 28 and up? Not sure what happened or how the patients benefited off of the change but yikes!
3 weeks ago
Budtender was great. Bud looked great. Other than that Managers did nothing to help fix situation. Everywhere you look, the referral special says nothing of a $50 limit of purchase for that new patient, in order to receive referral special. Only $25 off your purchase. NO LIMIT. They would not honor it because my father wasn’t going to spend $50 on his new patient special. This place Lies just to get you in then walks you around because no one communicates big changes or rules with each other. Just another cooperate store making money. Again all people were great inside other than Manager not doing anything to help.
a month ago
The Harvest of Tucson is a great dispensary. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and patient with consumers. They offer some pretty good deals if your not to picky about your flower. They do have high quality flower, good choice of strains and a variety of products for a fair and reasonable price. They're always busy when I go and the parking is a cracker jack box, but they are well worth the time and effort. Thanks Harvest??
4 months ago

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