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From day one, Harvest has been driven by an unwavering desire to improve lives through the goodness of cannabis. That’s why everything from our cultivation efforts, to our retail stores, to the brands we create and carry are crafted and curated to deliver an unrivaled experience for our customers. Our expert budtenders will provide you with any guidance you may need to find the perfect product to fit your unique needs. Cannabis may support many areas of your life including physical, mental, social, spiritual, emotional and occupational. We believe that if you put the best care into your cannabis, it’ll take the best care of you. Whether for medical or recreational purposes, Harvest House of Cannabis can help.


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Everything taste like plastic and glue. I've been here several times just to make sure it wasn't just a discount strain. Everything taste terrible. The atmosphere is clean and controlled well for a small place. But the prices reflect the small place. As a true medical marijuana patient with epilepsy trust when I say. Visit a deli style dispensary and you'll not only see the difference. You'll taste it. Patients can't smell what their getting at Tempe. Bring your reading glasses, when asking too many questions or questions to the tenders behind the counter. You will be referred to the books. We live in a world of technology and pay a premium for service usually. But not at this place. Read the book, pick a package, wait in line - pay and follow the other sheep. Is how it feels here. The cleanliness and safety are what earned this place two stars. So if its your first time trying products in AZ please don't base your decisions off this dispensary. Others have friendly staff and open atmosphere's too. Oh and Deli style. Other dispensaries offer deli style service. Not Harvest.. Even though, they are attempting to become the largest dispenser in AZ. It's more like a cattle drive. You wouldn't buy most of the things in life without the touch, feel, smell thing. So why put something in your body that comes in a over glued - sprayed and packaged for the most weight and preservation and pay top dollar for it? You're smarter than that. I know because your reading this. Check out the 31 other Google Maps listings for Harvest. It has become abundently clear. Harvest is clearly hiding behind deception.
3 months ago
Knowledgeable staff, great atmosphere, good parking, very attentive, never out of stock or short supplied. BEST PART is the pick up ahead option and they always double check your order.
a week ago
I love the atmosphere. The service was quick. The service was quality.
2 weeks ago
Went to harvest yesterday and as always left super happy! Gotta give a shout out to Derek for the excellent service!! Between their awesome flash sale, happy hour and my credits I saved about $50 on this trip! Cant wait to see you guys again!
3 weeks ago
I was double charged for product (which was terrible and have not used since getting terribly ill from their product) and was promised a cash refund for the double charge on my account. I came in (after traveling for a month) and am now told I wouldn't be given a cash refund for the double charge. They could give me credit, which why would I use if I haven't used any product in months...but they would not give me cash that they stole from my account. Worst customer service ever. Even after having proof in writing that I was promised a cash refund because I was indeed charged twice, was told they would not honor that. Absolutely would not recommend shopping here. EVER. I certainly will no longer suggest this location or company to patients I see either. Oh, and I had to edit to add, the "Assistant Manager", Summer, initially approached me with an attitude, and implied that I was being dishonest. After pulling up "my profile" in their system and seeing the notes, and after I pulled up the email exchange stating I could come in and receive the cash refund; would have been polite and good customer service to at least apologize for acting rude and implying I was being dishonest. Unfortunately, that did not happen. She was rude and condescending, likely the worst customer service I have ever encountered. She was quite satisfied to be the one to tell me they would not be returning the $130 they stole from me. GREAT "Assistant Manager" performance. Really
2 months ago

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