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Wow, was thinking about visiting this dispensary, but after seeing how the owner basically attacks people for their 1 star reviews, well, yeah. I'll drive into Phoenix. Decided to check the reviews because I'm not far from this dispensary, however, after looking at how the OWNER addressed all his negative ratings on here, definitely deciding to skip this altogether and don't bother looking me up in your database. Never been there and never will. Business owners should be able to handle feedback in a professional manner whether positive or negative. Report it if you want. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion period!! Too aggressive for me. Have a nice day, try to smile ??
a year ago
Like everything it has its goods and its bads. The CONS first..they need a sign so you can find them more easily. The prices are not the cheapest compared to some other dispensaries. Lastly, the inside of the dispensary is not the most appealing compared to others. Now for the of right now they are the only dispensary in Coolidge. In regarding the flower they dont have the most options but they have the most exotic strains available that I have been able to find. THE BEST THING is the quality of their flower....hands down THEY HAVE THE BEST QUALITY of flower that I have been able to get from ANY dispensary in Arizona. I think they grow their bud and they do an AMAZING job.
10 months ago
My hubby and I went there at 9 a.m. when the dispensary said it was going to open but when 9 a.m. came the place didn't open....... we waited till 9:20 still didn't open we even called the dispensary and no body answered. This dispensary is very unorganized and late.
4 months ago
I'm 1 mile from this place went there a long time ago and wasn't happy.. price is high and did smell moldish.i take the drive else where..wish it was better tired of driving outta town.
5 months ago
Although the staff is extremely nice, there bud is dirt weed not worth it at all. Doesn't get you high. I got 3 kinds they all looked the same and a vape pen waste of money and my meds. Up your game MMJ
8 months ago