Although recreational marijuana did not pass legislation in November 2016, medical marijuana will continue to prosper throughout the state. As a result, more and more 420-friendly activities will start popping up across Arizona, which will most likely include cooking and art classes, grow tours, canna-massages and more.

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Medicated Mavens Cannabis Yoga

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Phoenix, AZ 85027
Join the Medicated Mavens for cannabis infused yoga!

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Namaste Lit: According to The American Institute of Stress, an estimated 75-90 percent of all visits to a primary care physician are for stress related problems. Stress can lead to a number physical, mental and emotional complications such as insomnia, elevated blood pressure, digestion issues, depression/anxiety and is known as “the Silent Killer”. This practice incorporates meditation, Myofascial release techniques, and sensory conscious essential oils and is structured as a beginner Restorative/Yin class.

Dope Down Dog: “Issues in our tissues” can manifest in physical symptoms such as migraines, clenched jaw, nervous ticks, tension within the body, sunken chest, and a heavy heart. Dope Down Dog is a practice of simple breathing exercises, accessible postures, mindful meditation and sensory conscious essential oils all structured as a simple, easy slow Vinyasa flow.

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