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Career Highlights/Overview

Julia grew up in New York and moved to Denver after graduating college — both for the mountains and the legal weed. She has four years of digital marketing experience working as a Project Manager and enjoys problem solving and creating engaging content. Her background in marketing, combined with her love of the cannabis plant, brought her to PotGuide as a Content Coordinator.


Julia started smoking marijuana recreationally and soon found that it did wonders for her mental health, reducing her anxiety symptoms and making the world a little brighter. She has since been a cannabis advocate and has seen it have an amazing impact on her loved ones.

In 2018 she started her career at Location3 Media as a Project Coordinator, working with various franchise brands to fine tune their marketing strategy, launch paid campaigns across platforms and manage their SEO.


Julia graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA in 2018 with a B.S. in Supply Chain & Information Systems.

Fun Facts

In her spare time, Julia loves to play board games with her friends and family like Splendor, Dominion and Azul. She’s into all things food, whether it’s cooking up a new recipe, exploring Denver restaurants or traveling to a new city and trying the local cuisine. Julia loves the outdoors — you can find her skiing in the winter and camping in the summer.