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4/20 is upon us and we’re ready for an elevated celebration! While there are many fun and exciting Canadian cannabis events to check out this year, sometimes staying home is the most ideal choice. If that’s you, keep reading! We’ve created the ultimate cozy 4/20 kit for anyone that prefers to chill with their beloved pets or a close friend when they get stoned. So, if you’re looking for a relaxed night this 4/20 without any expectations of socialization, dial in our specially curated checklist to prepare for a full afternoon of relaxation while you light up your favorite strain in the comfort of your own home.

The Ultimate 4/20 Get Cozy Kit

We’ve listed 14 essential items to any cozy 4/20 celebration – check them out below!

1. Weed

Depending where in Canada you hail from you may argue 3.5 grams is called a “half quarter” or an “eighth” but whatever you call it, make sure you have at least this much green on hand. If you want something with high THC, grab some B.C. bud like Qwest Stuffed French Toast or, new to Ontario, craft cannabis Golden Berry by Mood Ring.

Golden Berry provides a nice high with a sweet and spicy berry flavor and pine aftertaste. If you forgot to pick-up, don’t worry! Fire & Flower offers Spark Perks members free, same-day delivery in Toronto if you order before 6 p.m. EST. 

2. Streaming Services and a Device

Streaming is a great way to kick back and relax with some cannabis. If you want to stay with an elevated theme, try some comedy shows/movies to lift your spirits up.

Some recommended shows to get you laughing: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Disney+), South Park (Netflix), Weeds (HBO) or any movie starring Canadian stoners Seth Rogan and Jay Baruschel like Pineapple Express, Knocked Up or This is the End (all on Netflix).

3. Smoking Apparatus

It’s the time of year to treat yourself to a new bong, pipe or rig. This ceramic hotdog pipe by West Coast gifts triples as a super fun pipe, an art piece and conversation starter.

4. A Fresh Lighter

Nothing is more irritating than having a joint or a full bowl, and no fire. This blue sky cloud lighter is super cute and you’ll know it’s yours if your pal tries to pocket it after lighting their j.

5. Tasty Edibles

Not a fan of combustion but still want to celebrate? Be sure to stock up on some edibles, like the sativa-dominant Spinach Strawberry Mango Sours or Peach Orange 1:1 CBD:THC Sours, which taste like Maynard’s Fuzzy Peaches.

These Spinach edibles are so good you’ll want to eat them like candy, so make sure you have non-infused candy on hand for the munchies.

6. Cozy Onesie

Forget the Snuggie or the Huggle, we have something even cozier! This 4/20, immerse yourself in the soft, fleece-lined warmth of a Kigurumi onesie which can double as your comfy Halloweed costume come October. 

7. A Face Mask

Almost nothing feels better than relaxing stoned with a cool, calming face mask on. The Goddess Clay Face Mask by Charlotte Tilbury will leave you with baby smooth skin, and don’t let the name fool you, this mask is for everyone.

8. A Vibrator

Actually, come to think of it, the one thing that does feel better than a face mask is getting yourself off while high. We highly recommend smoking Simply Bare Organic Blue Dream or Gelato Cake.

9. Head Massager

Want to ramp up the relaxation? Pick up a head massager to use on your own head or a friend’s. If you are a fan of having your hair brushed, this is the next best thing.

10. Cannabis Candles

Set the vibe with Wild Florist x Lohn Tropical Gelato and Magic Mint cannabis candles. Both are perfect to light up while you have a relaxing bath with an Eve & Co. THC/CBD The Dreamer Bath Bomb.

11. Plenty of Snacks

No 4/20 celebration would be complete without a proper assortment of snacks. Just make sure you hit the three major stoner food groups – sour, salty and sweet.

Your taste bud bases will be covered with Bulk Barn candy like Swedish Berries, PC Loads of Ketchup chips or Ruffles All Dressed chips and chocolate of some sort. Check out these healthy 4/20 snacks if you want to keep things light.

12. A Hearty Dinner

If you’re in the west end of Toronto, order a pie from the best new pizza spot, Pizzeria Badiali, or pick up take-out like rigatoni and chicken parmesan from Sugo before you get stoned. Whatever you do, don’t smoke and drive. If you got too baked and forgot this step, order delivery from your favorite restaurant or walk to pick something up.

13. A Vibey Playlist

From OG classics like Smoke Two Joints by Sublime to new pop hits like Peaches by Justin Beiber. Search “420” on Spotify to choose from a wide assortment of 4/20 playlists.

14. Catnip

Don’t be selfish, you’re not the only one wanting to celebrate. Pick up a new treat for your cat to try, like Meowijuana Pawty Mix Catnip. Remember to keep all cannabis products away from your furry friends, nobody wants a sick pet or to go to the emergency vet stoned.